Interviews with Creators

Artists have a creative flair they were born with.  They have an innate understanding of form, shape, color and harmony.  Creations morph and shift before your eyes as they use their hands and tools in a poetic ballet.  Fine artists and photographers can twist your mind with dreamy and surreal images that fly off the glossy page or canvas. 

Beauty professionals are multi-faceted artists working with various mediums of the humankind.  Hair is the fibre in which they sculpt, weave and shape from a lifeless form to extreme architecture.  Color can be painted on with wild brush strokes or meticulously fashioned with extreme detail to create their landscapes.  The face is a 3D canvas that comes to life with the blend of a brush dipped in their vibrant powders and paints.  

Beauty Hub has reached out to a collection of the most creative and innovative people in the world for inspiration.  Read on to learn how these artists have mastered their craft.