“I like to find new types of skills and expertise, that allow me to challenge new materials/colors/textures.”


What country are you from and where do you live?

I grew up near Fontainebleau in France (near Paris) and I’ve been living in Paris for seven years. I love its night magic, its history, and its lights.

Title of what you do and the company you work with.

I’ve been a Beauty Expert and Makeup Artist for eleven years, from the world of beauty to fashion and art. I was represented by an agent for ten years. Now, as a freelancer, I started to open up my horizons, specifically in the world of beauty innovation. 

Education background.

I studied applied arts at Fontainebleau. Being passionate about Alexander McQueen’s creativity, I wanted to become a fashion designer to bring a new form of poetry into clothing. But after an encounter and getting carried away by life, I went to a makeup school after high school where I discovered beauty in a different way.

What is your signature style/artistic expression? 

I love how colors vibrate, textures, nature, organic, minerals, light, and dimensions. I’m inspired by everything that surrounds me, here and there, from under my feet to the gate of heaven. I love to detach myself from the established codes, address the essentials and create an emotion of beauty, living poetry.

What was your career turning point or your big break?

I am very lucky to have turned my passion into my job. My research and my creativity punctuate all of my days. My various activities (personal and professional) each feed into the 360° development of who I am and where I am heading. My head is a constant mechanism of creation so it is difficult for me to take a break. After all these years of diving into research and work, I have learned to take moments of calm to recharge my batteries in order to use my energy wisely and calibrate it correctly in each of my projects. 

After a decade, last year marked a turning point in my career: I parted ways with my agent and decided to take on bigger projects. It was a period of questioning, exploration, and new impulses. I think when you feel that need to move forward, it’s important to give up smaller things to experience bigger things.

What was the scariest and proudest moment in your career?

I like to find new types of skills and expertise, that allow me to challenge new materials/colors/textures. These explorations are often external to cosmetics which I bring into my innovative beauty projects 

There is a recent big project that I am quite proud of. Being passionate about stained glass, and the passage of colors through light in churches, I went to a stained glass workshop for three months to encounter glass as a material. I didn’t really know the real challenge that awaited me. I experimented step by step with awareness and the results were beyond expectation. This experience was also a great lesson in humility in the face of the nobility of glass.

What is next for your career goals?

I would like to experiment even further in creating innovative, avant-garde, and visionary projects. I want to bring teams together on prospective research/innovations with trend agencies, brands, and groups.  I would like to support them on projects so that they can focus on new lines of thought, and a new vision of beauty.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in your business?

It’s never easy to start in uncharted territory. The important thing is to get that first impulse and then keep up the pace while being true to yourself, and your desires, and be able to handle the difficulties along the way. The important thing is to be at peace with yourself and your choices.  Above all never stop believing. Enjoying what you do is a gift.

Website: www.meyloo.fr

Instagram: @meylo0




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