“Lean into mentorship and know that your career will evolve at the pace you have the capacity for.”

J Ladner 

Los Angeles California 

Chief Brand Ambassador for Oligo Professionnel

Director of Education for FASTFOILS 

Education background:  I am homegrown from Paul Mitchell the School Tampa 

What is your signature style/artistic expression in your work? 

My artistic expression within my career is all about efficiency. I love inspiring artists around the world how to create exceptional results for our raving fans. High-contrast blended color is always on trend.

What is the first creative project that you remember? 

The first creative project that I remember would have to be when I was in school at Paul Mitchell The School Tampa. I got together with a local production company and told them that I was already a licensed hairstylist which I wasn’t. I was in school and I joined the team that’s where my love for editorial, high fashion, and fashion week became a focus in my career and that very first photo shoot. I was the lead over seven models and I understood the style and I understood what looks good but it was the first time I ever was on set so I was asking a lot of questions, paid attention to what everybody was doing, and adapted through the day but that first ever photo shoot and it got internationally published. 

What is the most fulfilling job you’ve worked on or a person you have worked with? 

One of the most amazing and fulfilling opportunities that I experienced in my career was working for Lady Gaga which was in 2020.  I was a part of the team for the Stupid Love music video. I learned so much from the creative aspect of creative directing, and wig work, to understand how that side of the industry works. There were 49 dancers that our team did hair on, and it was the most amazing experience I’ve ever been a part of. 

Do you have a career turning point, big break or person that has helped your career? 

I have to give it up to my very first mentor in the industry for me and his name is Alan Kemp he took a chance on me. He showed me what integrity looks like. He showed me what hard work looks like and allowed me to make discoveries.  He pushed me into the projection of my career, and for that I know I am exactly where I am because he was a thriving force and support in my career.

What was the scariest and proudest moment in your career? 

My scariest and proudest moment would have to be when I opened my salon in 2013. It allowed me to build so much credibility in the leadership side of the PD industry after seven years I sold it to grow my brand and to reach even more stylists around the world. I’m forever grateful for my time as a salon owner and for every stylist that I got to coach and lead and grow with. It really helped me become the man I am today.

What is next for your career goals? 

My goal is all about leadership and making the industry better for the next generation of hair stylists. I love creating systems and protocols that allow stylists to navigate their careers with more clarity. I’m so honored I get to lead brands and educate stylists! If I have anything to do with it, no stylist will be left behind.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in your business? 

The advice I would give to someone starting out in their business is to know that a closed mouth never gets fed and no one knows you are unless you tell them, so speak up. If you see someone who inspires you reach out to them and give them support. Let them know that you will do everything that they don’t want to do and get inside the rooms to build credibility. Lean into mentorship and know that your career will evolve at the pace you have the capacity for.

Instagram: @itsmrjladner 

Website: www.jladner.com 

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J Ladner is an accomplished hair and makeup artist with experience in film, television, theatre, print, and digital media. Recognized as Modern Salon’s 2019 Top 100, American Influencer Awards 2020 Emerging Hairstylist of the Year nominee, J is also a successful entrepreneur, educator, digital author, Digital Creative Director of Oligo Professionnel, Director of Education of FASTFOILS and co-hosts the No Stylist Left Behind podcast with Nina Tulio. J has been in the industry for twelve years.