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Photo Credits:

Image:  Natasha Gerschon.  Hair:  Duyen Hyunh.  Model:  Elyse Saunders with Plutino Group.  Set Design:  Brandy Mahaney.  Creative Direction/Makeup/Wardrobe Design:  Cheryl Gushue

“Beauty is my playground.”

Editor in Chief and Creative Connector – Cheryl Gushue

Cheryl has been in the fashion and beauty industry for over twenty-five years as a makeup artist and fashion designer. Having an artistic talent from a young age, Cheryl pursued her dream to study fashion design. Several years later she headed up her own brand of resort wear called Cascata Blu and realized her other dream to be featured on Fashion Television. 

She is a multi-award winning beauty expert who has educated and presented at trade shows around the world.  For many years, Cheryl has appeared on several lifestyle and makeover TV shows discussing beauty tips focused on clean and ageless beauty.  

Cheryl was fortunate to have the opportunity to take all her fashion and beauty experience to apply these skills to become Editor in Chief of a prominent Canadian beauty print and digital publication.  This major role in the professional hair industry realized her passion for inspiring and supporting artists which has led to her own digital media outlet Beauty Hub Magazine.

Photo:  Magdalena M.