“As soon as you get an opportunity you have to show up and be ready.  You may not have a chance to do so again.”

Priscilla Ono

What country are you from and where do you live?

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  I grew up in a very strict Mexican household.  

Title of what you do and what company you work with?

I am the Global Makeup Artist for Fenty Beauty.  I’m a freelance makeup artist.  My clients such as Iggy Azalea, Paris Hilton and Carmen Electra can be seen on my website www.PriscillaOno.com.  I work for Fenty Beauty and Rihanna majority of the time doing education and brand development.  

I like to keep busy because it’s hard for me to stay still.  The more collabs I can do the better.  It keeps everything spicy to not always do the same thing.  One day I’m at Sephora, one day a concert, next the Met Ball. 

Education background (school, salons, self taught)?

I am a self taught artist.  I started at age nineteen and have been doing makeup for eighteen years.

What is your signature style/artistic expression to your work?

Beauty with an irreverent edge.

How did you get started as a makeup artist?

I’ve always loved makeup artistry.  I never thought I could be an artist for a living.  Once I did it I fell in love and wanted to do that for the rest of my life.  Back then, there was no social media.  I did all the groundwork and got my way in.  Whenever I had a chance to work on set I always gave 120% and showed I was there for a reason.  My work was all referrals.  There were many times I wanted to quit but I kept pushing myself.  I have surpassed whatever goals I started with.

What is the first creative project that you remember? 

In the beginning of my career I was working with a makeup artist that worked with fashion photographer David LaChappelle.  I was so blessed to be able to work on these epic sets with one of the best in the business.  From this experience I got to learn so much about the industry and built the makeup artist I am today.  

I had a website early on and readily handed out my business cards.  I was building my reputation through word of mouth.  In the beginning, I was doing makeup for music video dancers.  Dancers usually get sub standard makeup artists so they were thrilled and surprised when I did such a great job.  Dancers are also choreographers which then gave me opportunities for other great artists which led to more referrals and more jobs.

Do you have a career turning point or big break that has helped your career?

I met Rihanna on set 20 years ago when I was doing makeup for background dancers.  She came up to me and thought I had a cool look and put me in her video.  I made sure to keep in touch with her and we became friends.

What was your scariest and proudest moment in your career?

Trying out for the Fenty Beauty position was both scary and life changing.  Knowing Rihanna from ten years ago was my shoe in.  She would hire me for other jobs and brand collabs.  When the makeup line was launched Rihanna had asked me to audition.  Her team kept sending messages that she was asking for me personally.  

With over 2,000 people auditioning, the cut went down to thirty artists.  The first cut we were working on camera with challenges like makeup for a fashion show, then they changed the looks last minute.  We had to create our own mood boards.   After that challenge they went down to three then I won!

What’s your relationship with Rihanna like?

She’s the nicest.  She’s so artistic, clever and cool.  There is a time and place for her businesswoman hats.  We come up with looks together.  The stylist gives us the look then we storyboard the ideas.

Tell us about your collaboration with Pinterest:

I love Pinterest and used it my entire career to make mood boards and always go there for inspiration. I have partnered with Pinterest to bring my tips and tricks to the masses showing step-by-step tutorials on achieving trending beauty looks like 90’s Supermodel Glam, Feathered Brow Routine and New Year’s Party Look.

What is next for your career goals?

I want to have my own creative studio where photographers and glam teams can feel like home while they work.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in your business?

Never quit! It always gets hard but that’s the test to see how bad you want it.  Work hard, always show and give your 120%.  

Instagram: @pricillaono

Website: www.priscillaono.com


For a more inclusive experience for all Pinners, Pinterest launched the inclusive beauty search tool, Skin Tone Ranges in 2019 to allow Pinners to see makeup and beauty trends relevant to their selected skin tone, style and taste. 

Priscilla is one of over 100 creators who are part of Pinterest’s Creator Originals content series, spanning across 10 different countries.  Each creator will release a series of original Idea Pins on a specific theme meant to educate and inspire Pinners. 



Fenty Beauty created by Rihanna, exploded onto the scene in 2017 boasting an impressive 40 shades of foundation. This groundbreaking approach to foundation provided a much-needed collection of inclusive products made for a wide range of skin tones.