“The minerals cling to hair in the same way they cling to faucets and shower doors, and really affect performance.”

ECOHEADS Vanquishes the Misery of Bad Water

ECOHEADS has rallied to the cause of salons struggling against the harshest water quality with its newly launched limited edition ECOHEADS The Black Edition. Featuring a magnetic filter, The Black Edition salon spray nozzle is the answer for every hairdresser who has battled to deliver an excellent service with extremely mineralized water. 

“The Black Edition has all the benefits of the award-winning classic ECOHEADS nozzle but has been modified to work for those with the most challenging water,” said Valorie Tate of Sustain Beauty Co, exclusive home to ECOHEADS in North America. “The magnetic filter incorporated into the design uses new technology, blasting apart mineral particles and reducing the effects of limescale, allowing hairdressers to deliver a smoother, more conditioned finish.”

While The Black Edition would be excessive in areas with average water quality, it promises to become essential in those areas known to have water with high levels of calcium, magnesium, and iron dissolved into local aquifers – the underground water reservoirs that feed our water systems. In extreme quantities, these minerals leave thick, unmovable residue on almost everything they touch. Deposits on hair can cause it to be limp, dull and unmanageable, reducing the efficiency of shampoos and undermining color. 

“The minerals cling to hair in the same way they cling to faucets and shower doors, and really affect performance,” added Valorie. “Several areas across the nation struggle with these conditions and while we can’t do anything for the water coming into the salon, ECOHEADS The Black Edition can transform the water rinsing out color. Clients will leave with noticeably brighter, easier-to-style hair and they’ll keep coming back for more.”

You can read more about magnetic water treatment in ECOHEADS’ blog article here and purchase this new specialty item here