Upping the ANTI

As the ANTI brand continues to gain momentum as one of the industry’s highest quality boutique brands, they have announced a continued push into global markets including North America. Off the back of a highly successful expansion into Asia, the appointment of a new Australian distributor and new products on the horizon, ANTI has its eye on markets which will continue to become the largest markets in professional haircare.

Combining professional service and a commitment to education with the most professional brands, the new expansion celebrates an inherent passion for the professional space in haircare, education and the luxury hairdressing market – core pillars of the ANTI collective. 

“We are excited to get ANTI up and running for North America and Canadian salons in 2022. With significant growth in the last six months and new product launches just months away we have learnt that salon owners and stylists all over the world are looking for a streamlined and concentrated brand that simplifies the world of professional haircare,” said ANTI Chief Operations Officer, Glenn Ruddle. 

ANTI is a high-performance no-nonsense haircare brand that meets the needs of any hair type. ANTI’s Vegan hair care formulas are gluten, sulphate, paraben and petroleum-free and while many other hair care brands offer products filled with silicones that coat the hair, ANTI uses the power of natural botanicals such as Avocado oil, Macadamia Seed extract, Aloe Vera Leaf and Baobab seed extract to name but a few.

“Not only is ANTI a brand that is as aesthetically unique, our products focus on hair health, working with natural textures and amplified performance. We believe hair products shouldn’t be gendered. Conglomerate marketing has misled us into believing men and women’s beauty should be categorized and divided, we are ANTI this,” Glenn said. 

ANTI’s  global support team lead has been working in the background for a few months already to ensure we deliver world class education, inspiration and customer service  – all customized for the North American market, a mission of ANTI from day one. 

“North America is an exciting part of the world for ANTI with so many fashion forward and trend focused salons making up a vibrant industry. We are looking forward to seeing what evolves from our partnerships and how it helps influence a brand like ANTI as we further develop and expand our distribution,” Glenn said. 

Find ANTI:  salons.anticollective.com  

Instagram:  @anti.collective @anticollectivepro

ANTI collective launches ‘What do you Stand for’ interview series.

ANTI collective has continued to lead in the way in the expression of individuality via it’s What are you ANTI campaign and has moved a step closer to uncovering true individuality among individuals that have fought for their unique identity. As a brand that feeds off the streets and the eclectic fusion of souls that it exposes, ANTI has collaborated with New York identities and asked them what they are most passionate about in a time of considerable change through a series of ‘What do you stand for’? interviews.

“We have interviewed a group of young and in some way ‘outcasts’ – although not completely indifferent but all who have grown up feeling misunderstood to some degree, and they are somewhat an underbelly of New York subculture,” said ANTI Creative Director Nick Irwin. 

Navigating through an unprecedented time in the world, key individuals from our New York street campaign have shared their salvations and strategies of dealing with a world going through a time of considerable renewal, forcing us to look internally and rediscover the very force which guides us. To empower the new and inspire us to lead in art, business and creativity.

For an unprecedented project as featured in Hunger.tv, ANTI took to the streets to ask these New York City locals about their values, beliefs and what’s important to them.  The objective of the images created on the day was more about natural curation of behaviour than a ‘styled’ scenario as models – rocking up somewhat wild and ‘underdressed’.  “We shot some of these models on a fisheye lens using different angles to better express the unique identities,” said ANTI Chief Creative Francesco Ruggerino.   We were inspired by Louis Vuitton, Asia and Japan and the eclectic and artistic perspective they now represent globally,” Francesco said. 

One of the interviewees, Rebecca @rnatzz was asked; “What do you wanna be when you grow up?” to which she responded, “A ballerina, cowgirl, vampire princess” with ease.  “It’s important for me to feel my essence is reflected in everything I do, in everything I wear and in everything I create,” she said. Proving that ANTI taps into individuality well beyond the norm.

Francesco says the campaign is also very much how these individuals fit into the world, “These individuals stand tall for their place in the world, the concrete jungle where they live is very much the backdrop of a true collective consciousness.”

Linking back to ANTI’s Everything range – Everything Shampoo, Conditioner, Everything Spray and newly released Everything Cream – the range is all about something for everyone of us to bring out who we really are through the ‘ANTIFY’ approach to hair that celebrates and doesn’t dictate. ‘You are not alone’ personifies a better way for the world to express yourself in a time when the world is needing authenticity and to celebrate our real stories.

For full interviews with each of our ANTI collaborators visit; www.anticollective.com