“I see my body like a canvas or a white sheet. I cover my body with stigma which represents my way of seeing life.”


What country are you from and where do you live?

I am from Montreal, Canada.

Art has many forms.  You are using yourself as a work of art.  How would you describe your signature style/artistic expression?

I see my body like a canvas or a white sheet.  At the age of 14 I knew I wanted to be covered with full tattoos!  From a very young age I have been fascinated by the paranormal, horror movies, creatures, demon, demonology etc. I would describe my style as very dark gothic with a modern touch. I bathe in all aesthetics dark, trash, vamp, demon style.

What made you become your own work of art and how did you develop your unique look?

I cover my body with stigma (tattoos) which represents my way of seeing life.  They also represent my imagination and aesthetic for my obsession with the macabre and the image that I always wanted to project. I have developed my style over the years with my experience and as a tattoo artist I did it by doing some of the tattoos I have myself!  Otherwise the rest is the work of an artist.

What kind of products and props do you use to create your looks?

To create my look I regularly use recycled clothes that I redo in its entirety.  I like the unmistakable brands like Killstar, Blackcraftcult and Restyle.  In terms of accessories I usually make my own jewelry and accessories by hand otherwise they are thrift stores finds.  If I’m looking for something in particular I order online.  For makeup I use MAC, NYX, Kat VonD Beauty, Jeffree Star Cosmetics and Kryolan makeup FX.

Do you have any specific names for your characters? 

By the way is not a character, it’s me!  People call me London but I also have a second name Black Philip.  What inspires each look? Dark aesthetic.

Can you take this form of art and create a business from it? 

Of course, I have a plan to start my own brand of clothes and accessories! My body modifications opened a lot of doors for me on a personal and professional level modelling for shoots, runway work and acting.  

IG:  @llonddon13