What country are you from and where do you live?

I was born in Hamilton, Ontario. I now live with my comedian and soul enriching husband in Vaughan, Ontario. I was raised in a Muslim, Pakistani home with parents who nourished us with culture, food and where gratitude was practiced through prayer. It still is.

Title of what you do, and which company do you work with?

I am a Holistic Henna Artist/Therapist & Healer, a Holistic health practitioner & Self-worth advocate.

I am the owner and founder of Breath of Henna.

I am founder of the Love Letter Community; a home for sacred sisterhood & where all emotions are embraced, celebrated.

Education background

I completed my BFA from OCAD University, majoring in drawing and painting and minoring in Material Art & Design. I have been an avid contributor to the art communities while growing up and now a part of the larger spiritual and well-being communities.

I am currently completing my Holistic Health training at the Transformational Arts College (TAC) in Toronto. My next steps are to complete several other certificates and build awareness in educating myself first and others about their well-being with henna and alternative medicine.

What is your signature style/Artistic expression?

I wouldn’t necessarily call my style the nucleus of my services and expression of work as an Artist, but that I consider the holistic well-being with every client and individual that I am privileged to adorn. The consultation for the henna adornment offered is just as valuable as the work I create while using chakra cleansing and energetics. I believe that the most important part while creating Art is the relationship with the mind, body and spirit. When I create art for someone, it is vital that I build a ritual while extending the artistic medium selected (in my case Henna or ink) to narrate their journey thus far.

For example Brides have approached me because of the healing that they receive while in transition of moving towards their next chapter in their lives. Many have questions and are hesitant about being accepted by their extended families (in-laws, new extensions of communities). When I adorn cancer patients, many have inquired about their beliefs of health and well-being and have witnessed courage and resilience in the face of all cellular adversities. I have witnessed these women fight and survive! 

When it comes to women who have been abused, have inflicted self-harm or are in a journey to reclaim their self-worth I have witnessed their emotions and vulnerability. When I offer the gift of holistic henna, they are allowing me to guide them towards healing; alternating their pain and grief with love and light. Acknowledging that every bit of their life is worth sharing because they are human. Henna has not only painted their bodies with beauty, but provides people with the ability to see their pasts with compassion, leading them to the journey of forgiveness for the self.

With every dot created, with every line extending into its shape – henna has created a body of value, integrity, intention with the added power of imagination which is offered through one on one meditation and chakra cleansing.

People have called me a healer, a woman of many gifts and I truly believe that this is my purpose in life while educating those around me to build my legacy. This medium was given to be by my ancestors and will continue as the earth flourishes.

What was your scariest and proudest moment in your career?

This wasn’t only the scariest moment of my career as a self-employed Artist, but the most learned thus far. Life is an adventure and I’m ready for the adversities coming my way. I am ready to open the doors of adversity no matter what shape they may take. With the pandemic and past 16 years of financial difficulties, I know that life will continue to bring me challenges. But without the faith, encouragement of the community within me (my body) I wouldn’t have been able to get here. I survived! And it’s all thanks to the desire to thrive, which led me in the direction of self-worthiness and self-love. As I continue to drive on this path where love grows, I begin to live the life I have been longing – manifesting what I need so that my seeds grow.

Do you have a career turning point?

This is an interesting question.  Many look for a big break or a bank balance of 6+ figures. Money is energy and I believe it.  What you ask for, you shall receive. For me, I never asked the Universe or let alone anyone else to help even though I came from a family who practiced prayer and gratitude. I honestly felt like I was always short of time, till the pandemic hit home.

I wouldn’t have had the time to let go of old habits.  To realize that I was just surviving.  I had to let go of toxic patterns as a workaholic and as a perfectionist and look at the bigger picture. After all, I just got married and continuing down this path would leave me at ease but there was no growth from within.

I needed to reinvent myself by first, deeply, compassionately connecting with the stories of my inner child. Joining Transformational Arts College, before the pandemic hit home, I truly feel that this new path of education, awareness and reawakening all were cultivated by my internal being. I knew that I needed to push forward but how could I with debt, bills, clients and a small business to manage all on my own? The pandemic; the fear was the challenge (not even a year after I got married) that I needed to reconnect with my divine feminine energy. I started a virtual community titled the Love Letter Community, in which I invited a women to share their story of self healing, grief, body, mind, spirit, entrepreneurship, and hear their VOICE. While doing the work for others and expanding the branches of Breath of Henna with LLC, I found my own voice. I found my story and I found the time to nourish the BECOMING of my true SELF.

It was time to FOCUS on my being and when I did this, I was further aligned with my message in helping others reclaim their self worth through the arts and the powers of their Sacral Chakra.

What is next for your career goals?

To connect holistic well-being with holistic art and build a space for people to come and heal through the beauty of Henna and communication.


IG:  @breathofhenna


Photo:  Tara Noelle