Since 2017, World Wellness Weekend has encouraged professional wellness leaders in hospitality, fitness, beauty and tourism across the world to open their doors, showcase the expertise of their teams, engage their local communities and raise their profile. 

The goal of World Wellness Weekend (WWW) is to inspire and empower people to make healthier choices and enjoy an active lifestyle with family and friends. The current health situation around the world reminds us how important it is to have good health and a strong immune system.  

WWW encourages professionals, venues, groups, associations, federations, visitors bureaus, Mayors and Governors to organize free, fun and creative wellness activities on the 3rd weekend of September, just before the Equinox, when daytime & nighttime are equal, as a symbol for Work/Life harmony.  

The concept is to organize at least one 60-minute creative, fun and free group activity during the World Wellness Weekend (wellness service, group class, workshop, tutorial, etc).  Reach out to your friends and colleagues in your city, country, and across the world through your social network to share what you will do for these two days.

WWW is in partnership with the United Nations Global Sustainability Index Institute participating in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.  

There are 60+ World Wellness Weekend Ambassadors and Coordinators globally. 

WWW has been operating for four years reaching 543 cities in 109 countries with 1,123 venues.


IG:  @world_wellness_weekend


Jean-Guy, Founder of World Wellness Weekend manages Tip Touch International, a training company dedicated to raising the bar in Guest Experience. Since 2001 Jean-Guy has been consulting hotels, spas, salons, and hot springs around the world. He has lectured at over 50 international conferences, empowering people and has contributed over 100 articles on spas, professional development, and personal growth. Jean-Guy serves as Initiative Chair of the Global Wellness Institute, Conference producer of World Spa & Wellness Conventions (Dubai, London, Phuket), Judge of the World Spa & Wellness Awards and Judge of the World Championship Massage.

Jean-Guy and Cheryl talk about taking five mindful minutes to be creative and share it with the world.

Four actions to stay relevant in Covid-19

By Jean-Guy de Gabriac

Covid-19 is a major disruptor to the beauty industry forcing all business owners to stay strong, resilient, and relevant. The second wave may force you to close your doors (again), preventing you to work in your business. Now, more than ever, is the time to work on your business: by reassessing your offer and rethinking your relationship with clients and your team. The best defense against competitors discounting heavily, is to up your game, provide signature experiences, and give reasons for clients to come again and again. These four tips can help you and your business remain relevant through the Covid-19 pandemic. 

  1. Unclutter your offer. Do not focus only on the 20% of services generating 80% of revenues. Check the profitability ratio of each service in your treatment menu, then discard the 30% of services that only generate 1% or less.
  2. Safety first, WOW second. Once your SOPs are fully updated with safety & sanitization measures, you can focus on your best sellers. Brainstorm with your team to add more elements of surprise to enchant your clients. Induce smiles behind masks as you increase your perceived value with simple touches like offering a welcome hand massage with hydro-alcoholic gel; adding two  hot stones in your hot cabby for extra heat and pressure on tender areas; addressing trigger points in your massage protocol; and studying meridian lines to enhance the energy flow.
  3. Wellness will save the day. The world is a mess, and we all need more mental, physical, and social wellness! Alleviate stress & anxiety with a guided relaxation at the introduction phase of your massage. Offer five extra minutes at the end of the session to share a stretching routine with your client or one (of the many) breathing techniques of Pranayama.
  4. Position yourself as a Wellness Champion. Visit to sign up for free to appear on the World Wellness Map, and organize (at the turn of each season, equinox, or solstice) a fun and free workshop to attract wellness enthusiasts to your venue or live on social media. Showcase the talents and enthusiasm of your teammates; share tips and tutorials to inspire & empower healthier lifestyle; and encourage people to return the following weeks with exciting bounce-back offers. 

Wellness is togetherness. Let’s ease the stress of “social distancing” through “social wellness” to boost immunity and raise spirits, even at a respectful distance while wearing masks.