“My signature style is intuitive, visual, lots of movement, texture, uncomplicated almost like dancing with the hair.”

Agnese Cabala

What country are you from and where do you live?

I am from the US.  I moved from New York and am currently living in Los Angeles for four years.

Education background:

I started at five years old, styling my grandmas and aunt’s hair. When I was seventeen years old I went to beauty school as a vocational education sponsored through junior high school, that way I could finish my schooling all together.  While in school I assisted this lovely talented italian hairstylist/owner in a boutique salon in the suburbs of Detroit, she showed me the importance of constant education. I wanted to get out of the suburbs and be in more of a high end salon, so I went to Royal Oak, Michigan assisted by Alex & Emilio salon. They gave me a very rigorous training using Toni&Guy cutting techniques.  The salon got an award for best in town salon by L’Oréal. I would meet clients that would fly in from New York to get their hair done, two years after I ended up moving to New York!!  After a year living in New York turning 21 I met Edward Tricomi from Warren Tricomi salon, he was on my top list to work for.  I ended up Assisting him then FINALLY becoming a stylist.  The journey was never ending.

What is your signature style/artistic expression to your work?

My signature style is intuitive, visual, lots of movement, texture , uncomplicated almost like dancing with the hair.  I dry cut, which allows me to see how hair responds immediately and where weight needs to be removed, also enhancing clients’ features.  This way a client can wash and go without putting effort into styling the hair. 

What is the first creative project that you remember?

Wow. There were few I remember being blown away when I worked during fashion week for various designers, the intensity with creativity made me nervous and excited!!  Another one was when i got recommended by a fellow hairstylist to do a BIG shoot for Parsons School of Design for graduating fashion students, the hair design that they wanted was “towel hanging over a rack” this was my interpretation 

What is the most fulfilling collaboration you’ve worked on?

The most fulfilling collaboration is when I started to work with Mike Karg who is a super talented artist.  He threw me on stage at one of the hair shows with the KARG shears he makes.  That started my love for being on stage and educating with the slide shears. I created uncomplicated haircuts for stylists that like to cut visually. In addition I joined Matrix L’Oréal, as their brand ambassador, uplifting other stylists by showing new ways of hair color, technique. I have great support from Matrix artists all over the world!! It has been a lifesaver of constant learning throughout COVID keeping me inspired. It gives me hope. 

Tell us a bit about your salon and services:

One day a week I work At Sunset Plaza Salon, in West Hollywood.  I love doing highlights, creative color, styling and cutting.  The remainder of my time I work in film/commercial work, also VIP clients on location.

What do you think about the Beauty Match App?  How has it been beneficial to your business?

I love Freelancing, being on the go at various locations, Beauty Match App is a high-end app that supports me in my talent, when work slows down or I travel to another state, gives me flexibility working wherever I am, connecting me with different cultures and people.

Read more about Beauty Match App here.

IG:  @agnesecabala