“I feel blessed to tune into my own power of what I can do with hair.”

Sofie StayGold

In 2018, Henkel saw a great opportunity for a barber brand.  They acknowledged that there is a big difference between a stylist and a barber.  Henkel chose experienced barbers to help them create a well-rounded brand to rewrite the standards of grooming. 

Co-designed by L.A.-based, award-winning barber and international educator, Sofie Pok, the Staygold Collection is a genderless and lifestyle-driven 3-piece set designed to make an authentic, bold statement with a range that goes beyond the ordinary. Sofie’s dedication to personal growth and technical perfection is reflected in the formulas – from powders to fibers to transformative textures. Products include STMNT Spray Powder, STMNT Wax Powder, and STMNT Fiber Pomade.

Beauty Hub Magazine spoke with Sofie StayGold about what it took to help create the brand.

Why did you choose to barber over typical hairstyling? 

I joined the beauty world of hair when I didn’t know what barber shops were.  It was a shot in the dark to get into the salon world.  It was fun but I was not that connected to the styling side.  I switched it up when I realized I was more into cutting.  I thought I would just try to work at a barbershop.  I found a job on Craig’s List and gave it a try.  

When I got into the barber shop, I stuck with it.  Back then I was the only girl in the shop.  Now, It’s been eleven years.  I naturally gravitated to it.  It was intriguing the environment and the craft of shaping hair.  That kept me interested.

What do you love most about your job?

It has evolved over time.  What I really noticed was being able to make people feel good.  Instant reaction and emotion. When you show your client the end result and people light up you have control to give joy. The industry can be unstable but I worked hard.  I think there are lots of positive things in our industry.  I feel blessed to tune into my own power of what I can do with hair.  

For the last few years, I’ve been teaching and it’s satisfying helping people build their brands and skill sets.  I may have inspired others with my story.  I have been teaching for six years and now I am doing international shows.  But I still like what I do behind the chair, just cutting hair.  

What is the most creative look you have ever done?

Recently I got to collaborate with Reebook and Footlocker.  I created hair colors mixed with barber cuts with a three-panel design on one canvas.  This type of hair design is the cut mixed with color and paint on one person.  The finished look got featured in their stores and it was all over the US.

How did you get involved with STMNT?

Henkel wanted to collaborate with barbers so they reached out to me.  This was a very special project because as a barber I usually connect with a brand that is already created. We got to create from scratch.  Each collection is unique based on our personal experiences.  Julius Cvesar is Sassoon hybrid barber and stylist.  Nomad Barber is a barber and an international photographer who documents the barber trade.

Fragrance That Makes Scents

You now see women going into barbershops for services but barber products smell too masculine. These scents are very gender-fluid super balanced for both men and women. We did a crazy amount of scent selection before fine-tuning it. We all chose very neutral scents that are not too overwhelming or floral.  Our scents are made to be layer-able. No matter what scent you use they blend together. Pheromones change the scent of each person which makes it unique to that person. My product scents are lavender, tonka bean, and citrus.

*Staygold’s Collection (fiber pomade, wax powder, spray powder): invigorating mix of citrus and peppermint, aquatic and woody notes

What’s The Latest?

I moved to LA and we have built my studio there.  It’s in the Arts District called Lab Studio that’s a two-chair shop and studio space for content shooting. I dabble in video production creating content.

I am working on an online school.  Online content is quality and a first-row experience for signing up for our masterclass on barbering. I will be the teacher addressing things I have learned throughout my career.

The StayGold PhiloSofie

My mindset is important. Clients are a reflection of putting yourself out there.  If we feel good and project that then our clients are more responsive to our positive energy.  I look for challenges with the intention of growth. If it feels comfortable then you aren’t growing.  

StayGold IG @staygold31

“There is so much we can do in a free-form art as barbering. It’s helped me elevate in so many ways as I connect with different people and inspiration from around the world.”