“Photography should evoke a dream world and not the banality of everyday life.”

Sébastien Jurkovic

What country are you from and where do you live?

My father was a diplomat and I was born in Paris, France. We moved to Canada when I was thirteen.

Title of what you do and what company you work with?

I am a Photographer, an Art director, and a visual artist. I work with big retail companies, local brands, and international magazines. My collaborations include Moose Knuckles, Noize Apparel, Projek Raw, Public Beach, Cable Magazine UK, and L’Officiel.

Education background (art school, photography class, self-taught)?

After a BFA in visual arts, I worked for ten years in advertising as Art Director with companies like Shan, L’Oréal, and Wonder Bra. One day, I literally quit everything to concentrate on photography, I never looked back and I have been a fashion & beauty photographer for the past twelve years. Oh !, and I’m self-taught also.

What is your signature style/artistic expression of your work?

When I was very young, my mother would bring me to Chanel fashion shows in Paris. I guess it made its way through my subconscious as I have always been interested in beauty and fashion as an expression of elegance and sophistication. Photography should evoke a dream world and not the banality of everyday life, To me, the question in photography and art is not about reality, it’s about fantasy, it’s about dreaming and making believe because I find the real world so boring. I try to show a tweaked, better version of reality. My signature is always chic, but with dangerous yet attractive imagery, I try to always disrupt what we’re seeing.

What type of images or people do you like to shoot?

I only shoot agency models (any gender or type). There is a reason why agency models are models; atypical features, expressive gaze, and knowing how to work with their bodies. It is a question of intensity. I really enjoy working with macro beauty, creating such a world with such small details on a face. That being said, I also like shooting straight-up fashion. I generally love working in studio, so I can create the precise mood I’m looking for.

Do you have a career turning point or big break that has helped your career?

I don’t feel there has been a particular turning point, it has been more like a growing path. When I decided to become a full-time photographer, after working in advertising and fashion for several years, I already had access to agency models without having to build a portfolio before. So I guess that was a plus because my career already had a head start, unlike many newcomers in the business.

What was the scariest and proudest moment in your career?

The scariest moment was a campaign shoot on a mountain, a remote location to be accessed by a snowmobile. While we were shooting, at one point, the camera stopped working, I calmly suggested a break while my assistant rushed to the base to figure out the problem, which he luckily did! but that was quite an unnerving moment. Nobody even suspected a thing in the end!!

The proudest moment was when I saw my work on a billboard in NYC for the first time.

What is next for your career goals?

Continue working with companies that value the aesthetics of the image. I would love to collaborate with brands such as Chanel, Balmain, etc.. and have my work published in magazines like Numéro, V magazine, and such. I am also contemplating London in the future.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in your business?

I would say not to get into the business lol, no but seriously, Don’t try to copy the trends of the moment, you might be the flavor of the month, but ultimately, it’s not going to get you anywhere. Develop your own aesthetic, your own voice. It doesn’t take two years to master your craft, it takes a lifetime. Just do you!!

Instagram:  @sebastienjurovic

Website: sebastienjurkovic.com

LinkedDin  sebastienjurkovic

“My signature is always chic, but with dangerous yet attractive imagery, I try to always disrupt what we’re seeing.”