Amazônica Brazil & ReSET

Beauty Hub Magazine had the opportunity to have a wonderful chat with the founder of Amazônica Brazil and ReSET Skin Care to discover the purpose behind these amazing products from the Brazilian jungle.

Born and raised in Brazil, former fashion model Eza Borchardt came from a humble background.  She first went to the USA to follow in her father’s footsteps, a doctor who worked at a community clinic in the Northeast region of Brazil.  But it was by studying international business and becoming a social entrepreneur that Eza decided to challenge the traditional skincare status quo while finding a way to support the local Amazonian riverside families and maintain the integrity of our precious Amazon jungle.

Not everything in products is fully natural and not all natural ingredients are good for you.

Interview with Eza Borchardt

Why did you create these skincare brands?

Because I want to change how people care for their skin, positively impact our environment and communities, and make high-performing, safe skincare available to more people.

Can you tell us a bit about your vegan line Amazônica Brasil?

Amazônica is my heart project. I have always wanted to work with Amazonian oils, made of wild harvested fruits and nuts gathered in the Amazon Forest by the local families. Several years ago, these communities realized that harvesting the fruits of the trees was much better than cutting them down because the oils produced from these fruits and nuts were more valuable than the wood itself. They finally understood that by preserving the trees, they could continue earning income every harvest to support their families. Through research, I connected and partnered with an oil factory in that region that worked directly with these local communities. And that’s how my vegan skincare line was born.

Why did you develop a simple-to-use skincare brand?

Conventional skincare brands are more concerned with making a profit rather than treating your skin. The more products they offer, the higher their chances of making a sale. They use particular marketing tactics to convince consumers that they “need” several products to look good and young. However, our skin cannot absorb that many products at once. In fact, many of them don’t get absorbed at all (without adding an ingredient whose only job is to be a penetration enhancer) and sit on top of your skin, leading to microbiome disruption and dermal congestion. I believe this is too many unnecessary steps. 

What is your background in the skincare business?

I went to the United States as an exchange student.  Years later, I came back to the US to study medicine. I wanted to be a pediatrician with an undergrad in biology, my favorite subject. I’ve always enjoyed mixing and creating things. So, formulating skincare ingredients came quite naturally to me. I didn’t want to make another skincare line with many SKUs, so I focused on a few solid essential products that would be multifunctional and high-performance.

How did you get started?

I initially got the idea back in 2016, newly divorced, with a newborn and another young child. I had been laid-off and was looking for opportunities that I would enjoy doing and hopefully give me an income to support myself and my kids.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the money to start a business, so I put it on the back burner.  In 2017 went back to school to get an international business degree, then I got a job with GOOP when they opened a pop-up shop in San Francisco.  I was fortunate to have first-hand experience talking to customers to learn about their needs and price points most of them were willing to pay and what was missing in the market.  At that time, GOOP had just launched its namesake skincare line to compliment other pioneering clean and safe brands.  When I saw this, I realized that clean beauty was the logical and ethical way to go.  

Amazônica Brazil 

Amazônica Brazil 

Jungle Magic is more than a facial oil. It is a nutrient-packed, luxurious formulation containing the perfect ratio of tropical fruit extracts and high-performance ingredients, such as fullerene and jambu, combined with powerful Amazonian oils in sugar-cane squalene. It will help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin firmness and texture, calm, intensely hydrate and protect, giving you a healthy natural glow. It’s vitamins for your skin.

Facial Elixir is a powerful dual-phase vegan treatment of two substances that generally do not mix. My inspiration was the Rio Negro and Solimões, which, when united, form the wonderful Amazon River!

The oil phase comprises precious Amazonian oils, such as acai oil, rich in fatty acids, antioxidant bioactive, added vitamins C & E, and ferulic acid, which regenerate and hydrate your skin.  The aqueous-phase combines rose hydrosol’s benefits with Brazilian thermal waters’ curative properties, which are amplified by hero ingredients such as niacinamide and aquaporins. Giving you young-looking, soft, healthy, and protected skin.

We formulated the exuberant Body Cream with a selection of butter, oils, and extracts from the Amazonian flora. Also present in its formulation are Niacinamide, Ferulic Acid, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E, active ingredients generally used only in facial care. Packed with great-for-your-skin ingredients, this body cream includes Croton Lechleri ​​(Dragon’s Blood), rich in flavonoids, phenols, and omegas 3, 6, 9 of natural origin, giving you a smooth and hydrated skin with lasting luminosity.


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Developed in 2019, ReSET is a minimalist skincare line for people who want to simplify their routines without compromising product performance.  ReSET is the antidote to K-beauty, developed with fewer, better ingredients by harnessing freeze-dried technology. A fairly new skincare technology in North America, it increases product potency while eliminating the need for synthetic fillers, unsafe chemical preservatives, and even water (the cheapest and most used ingredient in skincare, taking up 90% of a formulation). 

We spoke with founder Eza Borchardt about creating ReSET.

Tell us about freeze-dried technology:

Asian countries know about freeze-dried skincare quite well. However, the USA military and NASA were the first to use this technology to preserve food. During my research, I realized that the industry is riping-off customers who pay hundreds of dollars for a product that’s mostly water and give little efficacy and results.  Then, I became familiar with the freeze-dried technology used in pharmaceuticals due to its ability to keep all the properties of the ingredients and the nutrients intact. 

How is freeze-dried technology used in ReSET?

ReSET uses this technology in our treatment serums. The entire process can take up to 72hrs and involves freezing the formulations, then quickly turning up the temperature. Hence, all the water evaporates, leaving behind the pure concentrated preservative-free mixture in a sterile ampule that can last years untouched. To use the product, you must mix it with the liquid botanical extract we provide in the set.  Instead of water, we purposely use a botanical extract to bring these nutrients to life and increase the formulation’s bioavailability.  Mix it when ready to use it, so it requires no preservatives.


How to use ReSET ampules:

Each skincare SET is developed for specific skin concerns and remains fresh until opened and mixed, allowing you to use what you need when you need it.  Eliminating the ingredients and product quantity you don’t need eliminates the excess packaging of conventional skincare products.  

Each treatment set includes four powders and four extracts.  Each week mix one pair and use twice daily (day and evening) for seven days.  Use for 28 days which is our cell turnover cycle.  

-No waste

-User friendly

-Ampules are small recyclable glass, and the metal cap is aluminum for no additional environmental waste 

*This is not an all-year-round product.  Once you have gone through the ReSET cycle, maintain with the Flawless Lotion. You can repeat a few months down the road as daily exposure to excess pollution, sun, and stress might impact your skin.  

How to use The Silver Bullet 

This anti-fungal sterling silver plated beauty bar uses 6,000 sonic vibrations per minute to massage facial muscles gently and efficiently. When you wake up puffy, use this excellent tool for lymphatic drainage of the face and neck area (Caution: if you have fillers wait for it to settle before using).

Discover more ReSET products and tools here:

The brand is based in California and ships worldwide.