“I’m always practicing my techniques and buying new tools in the name of picture-perfect nail art.”

Rita Remark

We spoke with self-taught, Canadian nail artist Rita Remark who is the Essie Global Lead Manicurist and Educator about her exciting career in New York as a freelance editorial manicurist.

What is your signature style/artistic expression?

While color and nail art will always be my true love, I’m a big believer in polish being only half the story. I’m meticulous about cuticle prep, symmetrical shaping, and nail health. It’s all about creating the ideal canvas first. I carry this philosophy to my art. I’m always practicing my techniques and buying new tools in the name of picture-perfect nail art. I want my work to look photoshopped before the picture is even taken. The biggest compliment anyone could give me is that they think my work is a sticker, not hand painted.

What is the first creative project that you remember?

Working backstage at Toronto Fashion Week; was my first job outside of the salon. I loved working creatively with designers to translate their runway vision into nail art. Polishing backstage under pressure, while working collaboratively with other makeup artists, stylists, models, and creatives was invigorating and rewarding.

What is the most fulfilling collaboration you’ve worked on?

Playing an integral role in the launch of Essie’s fast-drying nail polish: Expressie. One of the many hats I wear as the Global Lead Educator for Essie is consulting. It was such a thrill to play a role in the education, marketing, and creative vision for the product. I even polished the nails for all of the advertising and flew to Copenhagen for the global launch event. It was so educational for me and incredible to see all of the work, intention, and love that goes into developing nail polish. It’s one of the best parts about working at Essie and I am pleased to say I am currently engaged in another exciting product launch coming your way in 2023.

Did you have a career turning point or big break that has helped your career? 

My big career turning point came when I signed on to be the Lead Nail Artist for Essie Canada. It opened doors that I never even knew existed. This role took me from a freelance manicurist to leading teams backstage at New York Fashion Week; polishing the hands of actors and supermodels; and having my work featured in magazines, film, and television. I owe my career to that opportunity.

What advice would you give to someone starting your business? 

Never stop learning. Take courses, assist other artists, and always be researching the latest trends and techniques. It’s a fast-paced, ever-changing industry, and consistently honing your skills will keep you ahead of the curve while fuelling your passion for your craft.

Instagram:  @ritaremark