Fall is the Best Season for Laser Hair Removal

With the fall season in effect and winter not far, the industry buzz suggests that this season is the best time for those thinking of having laser hair removal services. However, there has been a rise in misinformation about laser services/benefits, causing clients to feel uncertain about the viability of laser hair removal services.

Lexi Miles Corrin, Founder and CEO of WAXON Laser + Waxbar, and host of the Podcast series We Go There’ – where there is no such thing as TMI; and her team is here to change that. We spoke with WAXON’s Head of Training, Amy Finnegan, about some misconceptions and concerns about laser hair removal services.

What color hair can have laser treatment?

We can laser many skin tones however, you cannot laser something with no pigment like white, platinum, or grey hair.  As long as there is pigment that can be indicated with a paper test on your arm to see color, you can have laser treatment.  We treat skin types ranging from pale like Nicole Kidman to dark like Whoopie Goldberg.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Laser technology has been around for sixty years and is becoming more advanced. Our laser machine detects the melanin count in your skin using Bluetooth technology that will pre-set the machine for your skin type.  Melanin will be different on different parts of your body or at different times of the year.  First, you get a Skintel reading for the client then you can set the safety level. This safe process takes away all the guesswork.  If you have sensitivity there is a cooling tip with the machine technology treatment that will add comfort afterward.

What is the best time of year for laser hair removal?

The best time to do this is in the fall mainly because we need to avoid UV rays and strong sun exposure.  It’s best to start treatment in October.  The treatment time frame depends on hormones and different hair types.  It usually takes 6-8 sessions depending on the area over a time span of 4 to 8 weeks in between.  We are looking at a total of 6 – 16 months depending on your intervals.  Start now and be fur-free by the next summer.

How effective is the process?

There is never 100% permanent reduction of hair but It is a significant reduction. You might need a top-up or quick shave.  After the treatment, the hair comes back less coarse or dense and with less volume and ingrown hairs don’t surface.  The process destroys the actual follicle so that the hair cannot coil back inwards.  The process is quite quick.  You can have a fast full Brazilian in 10-12 minutes!

How does one prepare for treatment?

You must pre-shave before laser treatment because the hair needs to be removed from the follicle.  We suggest shaving the night before so that your skin isn’t sensitive.

What are the steps for aftercare?

The most important caution about aftercare is that you keep the area away from direct sunlight and UV rays.  Also, 24 hours after treatment you must keep the area away from heat which means no gym, or sauna. Aloe is applied after every treatment.  Do not use anything exfoliating or AHA, only use the purest clear gel aloe.

Waxon has been in business in Canada for ten years offering regular waxing and threading services. Their trust factor is that they only offer premium products that are good for you.  Quality and safety have always been top of mind since the day Waxon opened its doors.

About WAXON:

WAXON Laser + Waxbar, is an innovative beauty concept specializing in hair removal for men and women on the go looking for convenient and high-quality services without the steep price tag. Launched in 2012, WAXON Laser + Waxbar now includes 14 locations across the country, with plans for further expansion in 2022. In 2019, Founder and CEO, Lexi Miles Corrin saw a gap in women’s intimate skincare and recently developed and launched a personal skin care product line for women; South. South is created by Women for Women, made in Canada, contains only clean beauty ingredients, and covers all below-the-belt skin care needs.

WAXON offers the best laser machine in the business offering a quick and virtually pain-free experience, with Skintel technology to customize the laser to individual skin and hair types, and a cooling tip to ensure maximum comfort. The machine produces amazing results and most clients are hair free in less than 6 sessions. It is important to note that laser sessions should start in August and carry through the fall and winter, as it’s best to do it when you’re not exposed to the sun. 

Find WAXON:  www.waxon.ca