“My mobile company BTG (Barbers to Go TO) will be growing at a rapid pace in 2020.”

Mikka Gia

What country are you from and where do you live?

I was born in Canada, and currently reside in Toronto, Ontario.

Title of what you do and what company you work with?

I am an entrepreneur, female barber and photographer.  I’m the founder and sole proprietor of two companies: The Groomed Society and Barbers to go TO.

Education Background?

I graduated high school. Attended culinary college at George Brown.  I completed my hair apprenticeship in hair school and advance hair training with Toni and Guy. I obtained my hair license in 2012.

What is your signature style/artistic expression to your work?

I creatively think, live and experience life outside the lines.  My creative passion for visual arts, such as my photography, allows me to express my creativity by diving into trying new elements and approaches – themes are a big catalyst for my expression.  Professionally, my primary goal is to provide clients with tailored hair styles that align more closely with their lifestyle. Of course I have many clients that simply allow me the freedom to ‘do my thing’ and provide looks that are trendsetting.

Do you have a career turning point or big break that has helped your career?

In 2015, after many years of working in salons owned by other people, I made the leap to go out on my own and create my own vision and business.  Every entrepreneur has that moment when they decide to face their fears and conquer their dream – “Will I be successful?”, “Will people like what I do?”, “Will they return?” – from the moment I launched my business, I felt a great sense of myself and continued to push for new levels of achievement and growth.

What was your scariest and proudest moment in your career?

Funny enough, my scariest and proudest moment completing my training at Toni and Guy and presenting my work to the entire salon of thirty-five staff in a public presentation.  It was a huge step for me. I had always shied away from the spotlight. I am my own worst critic and questioned my creativity and technical abilities. 

Of course, starting my own brand/business was both terrifying and exhilarating.

These moments, when I was given the opportunity to face and conquer my fears directly, sustained great feelings of self worth and accomplishment in who I am and what I have to offer.

What is next for your career goals?

Currently I am working on the next step for TGS (The Groomed Society) 2020 expansion is around the corner and moving the business to a point where its growth can really reach all potential.  As well as my mobile company BTG (Barbers to Go TO) will be growing at a rapid pace in 2020 and from there I see potential for either of these companies to go international.

What advice would you give someone starting out in your business?

It is a cliche but I believe it to be true… If you love what you do, your passion will conquer no matter what obstacles or challenges you face – obstacles are really opportunities for growth. The real key I find is consistency, education and determination to accomplish what you set out to do.

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