Toronto, Canada – September 6, 2022 – The 4th annual Daytime Beauty Awards will take place on Sunday, September 11 at the Taglyan Complex in Los Angeles, and Canada’s own Ben Barkworth will be the very first recipient of THE INVENTOR’S AWARD for his creation of FASTFOILS™.

The award show recognizes the science behind beauty and spotlights health and wellness professionals in the fields of medicine, health and fitness, aesthetics, skincare, color and styling, cannabis, beauty innovation, and more.

“I am incredibly honoured to receive this award. Our team has worked earnestly to research and produce a product that will change the hair industry. Thank you to Michele Elyzabeth and to everyone at the Daytime Beauty Awards for this recognition. It means so much to us,” says FASTFOILS™ Founder Ben Barkworth.

While working at London Fashion Week, Barkworth was dressed in an all-black uniform and felt rather hot. He realized the color black conducts heat and heat speeds up the processing time. It was then that the idea of black hair foils came to mind. After researching and realizing there was nothing like his design in the market, he created FASTFOILS™.

FASFOILS™ transfers and holds heat more effectively than regular foils, allowing for a twenty-five percent faster processing time. Since these foils heat up faster, they enable colorists to use a lower developer while processing the hair in the same amount of time versus using a higher, more damaging developer. There won’t be any bleeding or swelling and FASTFOILS are even easier to remove from hair than regular foils.

“We have new ground-breaking products launching this year and next,” says Barkworth. “There’s definitely a lot more invention in our future.”

Processing Colour Game Changer

FASTFOILS is a high performance foil that allows you to achieve a faster safer lift, or further lift than your conventional foil while maintaining the integrity of the hair.

FASTFOILS are a game changer for colourists and salon owners.  Not only does the foil allow you to do a better job highlighting easier and safer, but also allow the stylist and salon to make more money by reducing processing time, allowing the stylist to see more guests in the same amount of time.

There are many ways these foils will protect the hair’s integrity.  The average processing time is 25% faster than conventional foils.  It maintains heat twice as long after is removed.  Colourists use a lower developer while processing in the same amount of time vs. using a higher, more damaging developer.  You won’t notice any swelling of the foil while achieving a higher level of lift.

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British-born, Toronto-raised, Ben Barkworth is the Creative Director and Owner of JUSTB Salon and BSIDE Beauty. Ben is a celebrity stylist who knows and loves everything about hair, style, and colours. His craft and passion earn him recognition as one of the top colourists in North America and one of Canada’s Top Men’s Hairstylists in the Canadian Hair Awards for the past six years.

Social Media: @fastfoils


About Daytime Beauty Awards

Michele Elyzabeth created the Hollywood Beauty Awards (HBAs) and Daytime Beauty Awards (DBAs). The DBAs honor Science behind Beauty, recognizing professionals in health & wellness: Dentistry, Medicine, Health & Fitness, Aesthetics, Skincare, Coloring & Styling, a CBD/Cannabis line, Beauty Innovation, and more.

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