“The Bulletproof necklace symbolizes our core mission of helping women feel Bulletproof™. Each purchase supports the Bulletproof™ Foundation, which empowers women in abusive situations by connecting them with free legal support and educational resources.”

Bulletproof Cosmetics Giving Women the Ammo Against Domestic Violence

Vancouver-based Bulletproof Cosmetics is excited to announce the launch of its innovative line of lipstick pendant necklaces. The company, co-founded by Elly Seddon and Cera Neima-Stewart, combines the elegance of jewelry with the practicality of makeup to create a gorgeous bullet-shaped pendant that houses lipstick inside. 

Each Bulletproof necklace has a powerful magnetic closure that hides the lipstick in shades you can easily switch up. Ditch the disposable mindset and swap colours with refillable inserts, dubbed Ammo, that use less packaging, leaving basic lipsticks behind. Bulletproof Cosmetics values sustainability and believes in creating quality products that are not disposable.

The matte formula lipstick is infused with seed oils and vitamin E, ensuring it stays put on your lips without drying them out. The formula also includes elderberry for its high antioxidant levels, vitamin content, and anti-inflammatory properties. The resulting lipstick has a striking payoff that will be the finishing touch you won’t want to leave home without. Bulletproof Cosmetics is committed to clean beauty, and all lipsticks are vegan, paraben-free and cruelty-free. 

Bulletproof Cosmetics is more than just a beauty brand; it’s a movement to empower women to feel physically and mentally confident. A portion of each Bulletproof purchase goes towards the Bulletproof™ Foundation, which empowers women in abusive situations by connecting them with legal support and educational resources within their own communities. The Foundation’s mission is to provide women with the tools and confidence to help navigate the complexities of the legal system during a time of need in hopes of reducing the occurrences of harm, violence, or other abuse.



Bulletproof™ Cosmetics was born out of this passion and need. With access to legal support and education about legal rights in the face of harm, a woman can feel strong, confident and unbreakable.

As a teenager, our co-creator Elly found herself stuck in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship–a traumatic experience made even more difficult by attempting to navigate the complex and imposing legal system. As a young girl, the idea of navigating the justice system without resources was demoralizing and frightening, making it feel more challenging to leave the harmful situation than to stay. As a practicing lawyer, Elly is passionate about connecting women in dangerous or potentially harmful situations, like her, with the appropriate legal professionals and other critical resources.

Cera has been designing and making jewellery since 2004, becoming an expert in precious gems in Canada and later moving to Florence, Italy, to study advanced metalsmithing techniques. After completing a master’s degree at the fashion institute Polimoda, Cera worked with jewellery brands in London, UK and settled back in Vancouver as a custom fine jeweller. When Elly was looking for the one person who could help her bring Bulletproof to life as a mission for good and a piece of beautiful, wearable art, Cera was the only call.


Bulletproof™ Foundation is the heart and soul of Bulletproof™ Cosmetics. Whenever you treat yourself to Bulletproof lipstick, a portion of your purchase is directed towards empowering women in abusive situations by connecting them with legal support and crucial resources. With the help of all of you Bulletproof™ babes, the Foundation supports women who need real solutions to reduce harm and gives them the Ammo they need to take charge of their lives.

Women continue to be a marginalized group of society at higher risk of being mentally and physically abused. According to the World Health Organization, one in three women in the United States and Canada experience physical or sexual violence from an intimate partner in their lifetime. The legal system in North America can be complex, overwhelming, and inaccessible. Those who need it the most often find it extremely difficult to access justice.

We have experienced this personally and understand the immense power that community and resources can provide. Knowing that you are not alone and are empowered with support to help navigate the complexities of the legal system during a time of need can provide meaningful momentum for women to feel confident, empowered and Bulletproof™ in the face of harm. By empowering women with tools and confidence, we are able to reduce the occurrences of harm, violence or other abuse against women. This is the mission of our Foundation.


We empower women with critical resources about their legal rights in the face of harm. The Foundation raises awareness about what abuse looks like, how to identify early stages, and how to take action in the face of potential physical or emotional harm.


We connect women needing legal assistance with legal support within their communities across Canada and the United States. We introduce them to providers who can gently and effectively navigate the justice system hand in hand with them and to community resources that can help them safely get out of a threatening situation.


Our deepest hope is that if you ever feel like you’re on your own, Bulletproof Foundation will remind you that you’re not. This is a community that champions and empowers women to feel their most confident inside and out, sharing a mission to lift each other up when we need it most. We’re here to give you the ammo you need to feel Bulletproof.