“As a brand rooted in the salon industry, we’re dedicated to empowering our salon partners with innovative solutions that not only elevate their services but also foster client loyalty by addressing common hair concerns with better ingredients,” shares Chelsea Riggs, amika CEO. “The pro smooth over frizz-fighting treatment offers clients a medium-commitment solution that reduces daily maintenance routines and tackles the persistent issue of frizz.”

amika Introduces Salon-Only Smooth Over Frizz-Fighting Collection To Pro Community 

amika, the Brooklyn-based B Corp certified hair care brand, introduces a new collection of professional-use-only products: pro smooth over frizz-fighting treatment and pro smooth over priming shampoo. The brand is redefining smooth with a salon-only, clinically proven, longer-lasting smoothing service that reduces frizz for all hair types without compromising personal style or hair texture. 


The launch underscores amika’s commitment to professional stylists by innovating in the professional smoothing landscape and affirming credibility through its transformative results and the compelling story of its hero ingredient, glyoxylic acid—a formaldehyde-free alternative. It also strategically addresses the crucial demand for a salon-exclusive service, fortifying amika’s partnership with salon professionals by meeting their need for a unique offering in the market.


The salon-only service was developed to offer a time-efficient solution for all hair types experiencing frizz. It achieves smoothing results while maintaining hair’s natural texture. Two sets of instructions best suit specific hair needs. For clients with waves, curls, and coils that wear their hair naturally, the service works to increase smoothing and manageability while reducing frizz, all while preserving the curl pattern. 


There are instructions for all hair types that typically blow out or straighten their hair. For clients with wavy, curly, or coily hair types using the straight instructions, there will be a temporary elongation of the curl pattern, and hair will be straighter than before the treatment but will still require heat styling to achieve a “straight” look after the first 48 hours.