“Never wait for someone to ask you for a job. You have to go after it yourself. Invest in that, and good things will come on your path.”

Agnes Westerman

Netherlands Hardenberg

Salon Owner of Ici Jolie  

National & International Guest Artist Goldwell

Education background (school, salons, self-taught)? 

Hairdressing school. Pivot point cutting school. Master colorist program Goldwell. Salon Team Twins and recent salon Ici Jolie and self-taught. 

What is your signature style/artistic expression in your work? 

Colour has always been my interest. I’m known for my colour work. I am always looking for new ideas and styling and creating shapes, textures and colours for avant-garde styling. 

What is the first creative project that you remember? 

I was 19/20 in a national artist team that needed to represent the Netherlands in a world championship. So we had to practice together three times a week so all the work of us three people would look the same. I was hoping it would score big time. ;-))

What is the most fulfilling job you’ve worked on or someone you have worked with? Fulfilling in my job is the versatility of jobs. But what I enjoyed and look back on as something new is that I assisted Wendy iles for two years—travelled with her—and worked on celebs, commercials, and fashion shoots. I learned so much from it. I will treasure that forever. 

Do you have a career turning point, big break or person that has helped your career?  Wendy iles has helped me develop my session skills. And the company KAO for trusting me and lifting my career.

What was your scariest and proudest moment in your career? 

Starting my business during covid time. I just opened the salon, and after six days open, there was the first lockdown. And I had to go through 3. So it was a struggle, but It made me stronger and better. It got me focused on being the best of the best. 

What is next for your career goals? 

I want to be one more time hairdresser of the year. I want to explore more directions in the hairdressing industry. I have no goal or end station. I enjoy the ride…

What advice would you give to someone starting your business? 

Go where the heart is. Find people around you that can help you in your career. Never stop learning. And ask a lot! There are no stupid questions. And if something will get you down. Pick yourself up and try again! You learn from falling. Assist people you like or look up to. Never wait for someone to ask you for a job. You have to go after it yourself. Invest in that, and good things will come on your path.

Instagram: @agneswesterman  


Website: www.ici-jolie.nl