Location: Kyiv, Ukraine 

What was the concept behind your studio vision? 

The team had the task of creating the perfect space for a creative endeavour. With this in mind, the goal was to design a tattoo parlour that resembles a contemporary art workshop. Founded by a Ukrainian artist, Ulyana Nesheva, the inaugural interior was to become a reflection of Ulyana’s unique style and an artistic vision. Ulyana herself adds: “The concept of the studio is also that all of our artists, despite the diversity of their styles and colors, are united by an exploration of minimalism. Simplicity is the ultimate goal and the highest form of complexity.”

“6:19”   |   “You Are Yours”

“You Are Yours” is the conceptual slogan to the professional aesthetic of 6:19. This is inspired by the Bible, and we’re interpreting it as an ability to live life and relish simple things. Our purpose is to nurture the concept of individuality. 

The 6:19 Psalm states “You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore glorify God with your bodies”. However, our team believes in freedom of individualistic expression and in responsibility for one’s own actions. An interpretation of the Bible is individualistic to each and everyone, and that is how we mirror it into our work. 

How does your space work with light where it’s required? 

Light is definitely one of the first priorities when it comes to a tattoo studio. Our studio naturally has a lot of sunbeams, especially having a clean white color interior. 

As for the non-organic light, the studio had exact measurements done to calculate precisely where the light fixtures should be placed. Additionally, each tattoo artist has their own light that works for them individually. 

One of our art objects with light is the Phillipe Starck ARA’ Table Lamp that is located on our front table, so clients can see it the first thing when they enter the studio. 

What made you choose your colour scheme, furniture and finishing touches?

The ambience of the studio down to smallest details is essentially a direct mirror of Ulyana’s style. Minimalistic approach is a fundamental basis to the aesthetic of the 6:19 Studio. The colour scheme is the bold accent between white and black colors. White walls and floors open up the space to feel spacious and relaxing to a human eye. 

Each piece of furniture is an individual art piece that is one of a kind. The idea was to have each corner of the studio have its own history behind it. The light-filled work area is lined with minimalist black tattoo beds on each side. A mirror in the shape of Kiev’s Podil neighbourhood, where Ulyana’s first studio was founded and where she lives, is designed by H&Co, and is a nod to her life as an artist and the inspiration she finds around her home. Mounted on castors, the piece can be easily moved depending on needs around the workshop. Other pieces such as 800-pound graphite concrete table, a “Boy” sculpture by Christina Ridzel, and Phillipe Starck ARA’ Table Lamp are all essential pieces that really create the feel of 6:19 Studio, were extensively sourced from vintage archives and some created from scratch. The idea was to create a masterpiece of a studio since it’s a place where lots of artists come together to collaborate, work and stay innovative and inspired. 

Our slogan “You Are Yours” is also hidden on multiple walls. Each word is separately written on each wall and if you stand from a certain angle you can see all of them. These are the kinds of details that really put the place together and aids to express us as a team of creatives. 

How does your space create a relaxing environment for your guests? 

We wanted to create a safe and energetically strong place for our guests from when they first step into our studio, so we decided to break all the walls and have an open space with no doors accentuating the space with exposed brick layers on the walls. We built a large circle in the wall as an artistic portal to connect the lobby and the studio place where tattoo artists work. Another art project integrated into the studio was the black cube that conceals the wardrobe and bathroom. That is what makes guests plunge into the artistic atmosphere and see how artists create sketches and make tattoos.

Every element of the interior is an art project. Ulyana saw the sculpture “Boy” in Christina Ridzel’s studio and immediately knew that it had to become part of the studio. It symbolizes a person’s role in society: you dissolve into the crowd in the rhythm of the metropolis, forgetting who you are. Covering your eyes with your palms, you dive into your world, where you are alone with your essence. This artifact was placed directly before the entrance, telling his story to everyone who steps inside.  

What challenges did you come across building your space? 

Our goal was to make simple elements that are essential for a tattoo studio into individual art projects, because that is where the artist works on a daily basis. It was quite challenging and time consuming to find the craftsman that could turn our ideas into reality.

Since every detail of the studio is very unique to the space and made from scratch, which organically creates more complications. 

There were difficulties with the search and transportation of vintage furniture that would match Ulyana’s vision. In addition, the deadlines were not met due to the fact that basically all the furniture except the tattoo artist table, tattoo couch and the chairs were designed individually for 6:19 Studio, which is why it took twice more time than expected.

However, the whole team at 6:19 Studio was extremely inspired by the process. Due to the fact that Ulyana knew what she wanted, where she was heading and what’s the endpoint she wanted to see, all challenges were accepted, welcomed, and resolved in the due course. 

What advice would you give to a studio owner looking to create their own unique space?

  1. Follow your intuition and have faith in where you are headed. 
  2. Every idea, even if it seems impossible in the due course, should be expressed. Experiment and break expectations.
  3. Build space that perfectly mirrors your identity.
  4. Don’t look at this as a business, consider it as an impact of art and cultural development. Inspiring others and leaving a mark – that’s what matters. 

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