Ulyana Nesheva

Specializes in fine line and minimalism

Ulyana’s work is laconic and harmoniously fits into the natural lines of a human body, emphasizing individuality and personality of each client without distracting from their essence.

Kat Babai

Specializes in line work and minimalism

Kat draws lines through the whole body, illustrates cats and adds dotted red circles and squares. Kat admires Egon Schiele’s work and Andy Warhol’s early sketches.

Vyacheslav Vverovskiy

Specializes in black & gray micro realism

Small tattoos are the quintessence of drawing and memories for Vyacheslav. Working in this style, Vyacheslav’s favourite tattoo series are ducks and cats in any possible variations, in addition to musical band records and cartoon characters. 

Dasha Soma

Specializes in the handpoke technique of applying tattoos

For Dasha every tattoo she does is like a totem, be it a small naive flower on a finger or an intricate multi-coloured chaos. It is also a special way of meditation for her as an artist. She loves the hand poke technique for the opportunity to be imperfect, like everything in our life. Hand poke is essentially handmade: it is a needle, paint and a body, entangled in non-verbal threads of correlation and understanding. 

Karina Li

Specializes in fine line and delicate lines

Karina is passionate about finding a plot that reveals an emotion, and feeling every tattoo she works on. It is important for her to keep it simple by illustrating every part of the tattoo neatly.

Masha Erhart

Specializes in illustrative color, single needle and fine line

Floral compositions, pastel color combinations, subtle interweaving of lines – all this characterizes Masha’s style and vision of tattoo as an art.

Anna Zelenskaya

Specializes in miniature color fine art

The main direction of Anna’s work is color microrealism. Anya loves genres of fantasy and science fiction. She also loves to make characters from a variety of anime. In her portfolio, she has already collected an impressive collection of works including Harry Potter.