World Hair and Skin Keeps it Clean

Brian Philips tells us why and how his non toxic brand World Hair and Skin was created.

By Cait Alexander

In 1993 after being a hairstylist for ten years, I developed a very serious case of contact dermatitis on my hands.  At the time I knew of a few hairstylists that had to stop doing hair because of health issues and I thought my time had come.  My hands were painfully itchy; they would weep, then crack and bleed.  For weeks I tried prescription creams, latex gloves- anything that was recommended- to no avail. Then one day, a client, studying to be a naturopath came in for a cut at worldSALON. She took one look at my hands and exclaimed, Brian, it’s something you are using. You have to figure out what it is and stop using it.

With these words my entire life changed.  I went product free for a while, then would reintroduce one at a time.  Through this process, I identified perm solution and hair gel as the culprits.  When either came into contact with my hands, the itchiness was unbearable.  We discontinued the gel and stopped doing perms in the salon completely.  My skin cleared up and my focus on environmental issues started.

I have always been a nature lover and outdoor enthusiast, but becoming ill encouraged me to research the personal care sector and world health more deeply.  I was shocked to learn about the ‘chemical soup’ we all live in and many of us fall sick from.  We tend to assume that the conventional products we buy are safe.  This is furthest from the truth.

I discovered that the phthalates in fragrance, for instance, are one of the chemical components in personal care that I am most sensitive to, and they are ubiquitous.  Silicone/siloxanes are another very common series of chemicals that impair normal hormone function and fertility. They bioaccumulate in our waterways, having a deleterious effect on marine life.  Palm Oil derivatives are great emollients that are incredibly cheap to produce, but we lose millions of hectares of rainforest habitat per year because of deforestation.

After my research, I simply could not continue to use toxic products, but I struggled to find any that were responsible, healthy, fragrance free and effective.  It was then I decided to take action and develop a line with a chemist and aromatherapist that would be truly healthy for the planet and people.  It took a year of testing prototypes, on willing clients, not animals and the WORLD Hair and Skin brand was launched in 2001.  Initially, it was intended only as a house brand to ensure staff and clients weren’t exposed to toxins.  Nineteen years later WORLD Hair and Skin is a global, truly effective line that is still growing by leaps and bounds especially with the new changes brought on by COVID19.

We are proud to say that we have created a multipurpose, vegan, cruelty-free product line that is safe for everyone. Our earth is home and we all have a part to play in keeping it safe for future generations, starting with what we put in and on our bodies.

World Hair and Skin Products

World Hair and Skin Products is a leading brand in environmentally friendly personal care products. 

CLEAN is a fragrance free, multi-use shampoo with few detergents.  It has an excellent lather and is a lovely body-wash or a wonderful shave cream.  It cleanses gently and doesn’t strip the hair or body of beneficial oils. 

PROTECT is a moisturizer and is superb for all hair types, including curly hair.  It softly detangles and is safe to use on children. The vinyl labelling peels off on every bottle so they may be re-used around the home, further eliminating waste. 

BELIEVE is a multi-purpose salve for skin. It is 100% organic with natural ingredients like sesame seed oil, blue tansy and benzine.  It is a simple, highly moisturizing product that is safe for the whole family. 

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