Sfera Beauty Coworking

Location: Flacon Design Factory, Moscow

What was the concept behind your salon? The goal was to create a very unique co-working space for those who seek freedom and inspiring work space.  Our main focus is quality and style which is why we teamed up with architect Eduard Eremchuk.

How does your space work with light where it’s required? We wanted to use as much sunlight as possible in our space.  We have six big windows across the whole space that gives us a few opportunities to work with natural light.  We also have lightning lamps beside the workplaces for workers.

What made you choose your colour scheme, furniture and finishing touches? The space had good bones from the beginning.  With the high ceilings and big windows we wanted to keep this lightness and allow the space to be bright.  All spaces are painted light grey, including furniture and the only colourful accent is the curtains which is the key element of the interior visually and functionally.  The print was created together with Katya Pyatitskaya, founder of Laroque studio and was inspired by heat maps.  The colour was taken from the logo of the project.

How did you set up your retail and product storage areas? We kept the retail experience unobtrusive the design.  It is aligned with the space.  We didn’t want to distract our consumers with product pop-ups and advertising which you see in many salon establishments.  We want our clients to explore the colours and be enthralled in the space while they wait for the service.

Did your budget and timeframe go according to plan?   We got lucky and stayed within the budget without any overspending.  I say lucky because it is the first opening experience for us and none of us were experienced at planning and forecasting.  In terms of timing, the opening was a bit delayed, which is quite normal due to some issues on the production side.

What challenges did you come across building your space?   Our client’s request was to organize a lot of workplaces in a small area and to make it transformable for events.  The difficult thing was dividing work zones without building walls and making it comfortable to work for different people.  This is how we decided to use curtains as dividing walls.

Instagram:  Sfera Beauty @sfera.space