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“Self-Expression begins with Self-Discovery and Field Trip products were created to help facilitate that. Every product was designed to help you explore your sensuality – on your own terms.” 

Krysta Toronchuk, Founder and CEO, Field Trip

Self-Expression begins with Self-Discovery

Field Trip is a natural skincare ritual for your body and your pleasure 

There’s one sexual health product that still remains surprisingly taboo, even though it theoretically would make our sex lives a lot better: lube. For heterosexual people in particular, there seems to be a great deal of resistance to using lube. It’s rare to see a tube of lubricant appear during a one-night stand, and many women are too embarrassed to request it.  

Field Trip is a body care and intimacy brand founded on the belief that appreciating your body and experiencing sexual pleasure is good for mental and physical health. Field Trip is a conscious body and intimate wellness product that nourish your skin, deepens the connection to your body, and enhances all intimate experiences with a mission to get the world to appreciate their bodies and experience more pleasure. 

With a mission to not only improve people’s relationships with their bodies but make people comfortable talking about sexual pleasure, a human experience that is important for our mental and physical health. Field Trip aims to eradicate shame and foster positive conversations about sexual health while empowering everyone to explore their bodies, identities, and pleasure. 

Beauty Hub Magazine asked Krysta Toronchuk, Founder and CEO why she started the Field Trip brand:

“I started Field Trip because I wanted safe and natural intimacy products that echo the qualities of luxury skincare: researched, refined, and aesthetically desirable.  I decided to create a next-generation intimacy brand – one with natural active ingredients and clean, effective formulas that are good for your body and good for the planet. 

Modern women — strong women — were telling me they were embarrassed to suggest using lube with their partner(s).  Women were stating that using lube signaled that their body was incompetent and that was when I realized I was creating a category-defining brand. There was room to make sexual wellness products as much a part of everyday discourse as clean skincare and thread counts. We spend money on skincare and subscribe to wellness rituals that make us feel good, so why not luxuriate in pure and holistic products for our most intimate areas?”


Developed by skincare professionals, Field Trip’s formulas are proudly crafted in Canada with meticulous attention to detail using plant-based active ingredients proven to deeply nourish and heal deeply and are intentional in how we source. Rooted in ritual, the products are designed to nourish your skin and arouse your senses, all while being mindful of our impact on the planet every step of the way. 

Super Oil – Botanical Body Oil

Daily radiance, bottled. Made with Squalane + Meadowfoam and Canadian-grown Hemp seed + Abyssinian oils, Super Oil is a deeply nourishing body treatment that softens, soothes, moisturizes + protects skin, for a healthy glow that lasts. 

Super Butter – Ultra Rich Water-less Body Balm

Super Butter is essentially the most sensual and transformative body moisturizer you’ve ever experienced, in a waterless and waxless concentrate. 

This indulgent butter is packed with skin-loving actives, plant butter, and botanical oils for improving hydration, elasticity, and overall firmness and texture of the skin.

Super Fluid – water-based personal lubricant 

Formulated to echo high-end facial skincare (researched, refined, and aesthetically desirable) Super Fluid is a smooth and slippery serum – for your nightstand. Super Fluid is a *clean water and aloe-based lubricant designed to protect the delicate ecosystem of our most intimate areas. 

Dry Brush 

The body brush is the ultimate body tool for beauty and wellness and truly an essential (and meditative) full-body skin-care ritual. Our dry brush is ergonomically designed for in-hand use and made with pure, natural sisal fibers and a beech wood handle to perform head-to-toe exfoliation and lymphatic stimulation. 

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