Pinterest Predicts The Biggest Trends of 2024

Beauty trends hold immense significance for hair stylists, acting as a guiding force in their profession. Staying attuned to the latest beauty trends is crucial for meeting clients’ expectations who often seek hairstyles and are informed about the latest styles. Beyond client satisfaction, these trends are vital for the continuous professional development of hair stylists. Attending workshops and training sessions focused on emerging styles allows stylists to enhance their skills and maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving beauty industry. 

Beauty trends are a wellspring of creative inspiration, enabling stylists to experiment with innovative techniques, styles, and color combinations. This adaptability is essential in an industry marked by rapid changes and diverse client preferences. By incorporating popular trends into their repertoire, hair stylists attract and retain clients and use them as a powerful marketing tool, showcasing their versatility and expertise in contemporary styles. 

Every month, more than 482 million people come to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. Each year, Pinterest sets the bar for trend spotting by releasing its “not-yet-trending” trend report ahead of the New Year. With an 80% accuracy rate for the fourth year, Pinterest Predicts is not based on guesswork or clairvoyance but a blend of art and science that analyzes the billions of searches made on Pinterest monthly. By harnessing the power of Pinterest’s predictive trend data, Pinterest is giving consumers and advertisers a head start on what we believe will be the biggest and hottest trends for 2024. Beauty Hub Magazine had the opportunity to hear about the biggest upcoming trends for 2024.

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Pinterest Predicts 2024

Hot Metals: Cool silver tones and bold chrome.  Melty metallics will make their way into the mainstream in 2024 as people trade their trusty neutrals for something more hardcore.  Gen Z and millennials are driving this heavy metal aesthetic.

Head to Glow: Bodycare will have a major moment.  Boomers and Gen Z will double down on luxury lotions, in-home spa experiences and SPF. 

Blue Beauty: Aquamarine makeup is back and bolder than ever.  Gen Z and millennials will search for “blue glam makeup” and “pastel blue eyeshadow” as they find ways to incorporate the 60s staple into their modern beauty routines.

Be Jelly: From home decor to couture to beauty ideas, the Be Jelly mood will be inspired by jellyfish driven by Gen Z and Millennials.

Bow Stacking: Embrace the art of bow stacking to adorn your outfits, shoes, hair and jewelry with this delicate and youthful detail. Try bows in all sizes and styles.

Make it Big: Big hair is making a big comeback. Beauty and baubles will get bigger, bolder and puffier in 2024. Millennials and Gen Z will choose styles matching their fluffy hair aesthetic and sculptural jewelry.

Groovy Numptuals: 70’s inspired weddings will make a comeback. From disco decor to bohemian bachelorettes, Boomers and Millennials are behind this retro-inspired return to the dance floor.

Jazz Revival: Millennials and Gen Z will trade in their electronic beats for something far more retro: vintage jazz. Jazz-inspired outfits, dimply lit venues and lo-fi looks are on the rise.