Roll with the punches and navigate, baby. That’s what entrepreneurs do!

Glassbox Barbershop and Academy with Peter Gosling

What was the concept behind your vision for your establishment?

An inclusive barbershop that actively promotes and embraces diversity and inclusivity. It aims to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for people of all backgrounds, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. We typically strive to provide services that cater to a wide range of hair types and styles, recognizing and celebrating the diversity of our community.

How does your space work with light where it’s required?

We are particular about where we put our locations, and NATURAL light is essential as we like to run a bright clinical operation.

What made you choose your colour scheme, furniture, and finishing touches?

Inspired by Scandinavian design, we keep our colour scheme neutral with black, grey, and white.

What challenges did you come across building your space?

Which one? Every single operation goes over budget over time, and you never truly feel like it’s complete. There is always something being changed, painted and or optimized. It takes about three years to understand your space.

How did you set up your retail and product storage areas?

Andrew Lagrave, my business partner, deals with that mainly. He is a very organized individual and understands the flow and organization of what a business needs. 

How does your space create a relaxing environment for your guests?

It’s open and welcoming, but it’s not the space. It’s the people. Put us in any space, and I will be successful as it’s based on management leadership, as the people are the product. 

Did your budget and timeframe go according to plan?

Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t! Ain’t no guarantees in life besides death and taxes. Roll with the punches and navigate, baby. That’s what entrepreneurs do! 

What advice would you give to a salon or spa owner looking to create their own unique space?

Negotiate a great lease, and make sure you’re placing your location or business in an area that speaks to your demographic. After that, have fun. It’s a reflection of your true self. 

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Peter (co-founder of GLASSBOX Barbershop & Institution) began cutting and styling hair when he was twenty, trained at the AVEDA Institute and Academy in Toronto. Inspired by music and fashion, he worked at some of Toronto’s top salons but quickly realized these shops weren’t built for short hair styling and barbering. And so, in 2015, he and his partners founded the first GLASSBOX Barbershop.

Combining traditional barbering and contemporary men’s hairdressing, Peter and Glassbox Barbershop helped revolutionize North America’s new wave of men’s hair.

Striving to share his insight, Peter built a curriculum based on the key elements he considers the GLASSBOX fundamentals. This aims to teach students specific haircuts or styles and the techniques behind them. The offering is targeted to build the confidence of new stylists just starting and to help advanced stylists in their search to elevate, evolve, and perfect their craft. 

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