“The fact is that HRT and Pellet Therapy have been proven to be safe and can have an enormous impact on the horrible symptoms of hormone dysregulation. You just don’t have to live with the many negative symptoms of menopause and aging.” -says Asandra.

Pellet Therapy for Hormone Replacement

While the average lifespan increases, focusing on staying healthy and vibrant in those extra years has become even more crucial. Middle age and beyond doesn’t have to mean loss of youthful ideals like sexual wellness, high energy levels, a sharp mind, and a healthy, sexy body.

The imbalance of hormones and hormone decline that occurs for men and heightened during menopause for women and through the aging process for both creates symptoms that can chip away at the quality of life.  Finally, there are solutions like FOY (Fountain of Youth) by AsandraMD, which is a unique and personalized program for both men and women to combat the uncomfortable and problematic symptoms of aging, such as weight gain, loss of energy, muscle mass, loss of mental clarity, irritability, and loss of libido. 

Developed by the renowned Christopher Asandra, M.D. of the Asandra clinics located in the US and now in Canada, it’s vital that people understand the safety and efficacy of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), the safety and easy distribution of Pellet Therapy that has been provided for over ten years in the United States. Numerous studies support its safety and the effects, proving that middle-aged quality of life does not have to suffer but can be a time of energy, vibrancy, and vitality. 

“So many people struggle with the effects of hormone imbalance and have been scared away from safe and effective Hormone Replacement Therapy due to misleading information and flawed studies,” says Asandra. “The fact is that HRT and Pellet Therapy have been proven to be safe and can have an enormous impact on the horrible symptoms of hormone dysregulation. You just don’t have to live with the many negative symptoms of menopause and aging.”

Pellet Therapy involves the insertion of a small hormone pellet (about the size of a grain of rice) under the skin in a minor outpatient procedure. The pellets are composed of bioidentical hormones, which are chemically identical to the hormones naturally produced by the body. When done by a trusted doctor, a reputable provider of FOY by AsandraMD, the safe and expert approach relieves symptoms without needing to think about it again until the pellet dissolves 3-4 months later.

The Benefits of Pellet Therapy for HRT Delivery Include:

  • Direct absorption of hormones into the bloodstream
  • Avoidance of the liver and gastrointestinal system
  • Stable, gradual hormone release 
  • No daily hormone administration
  • Highly effective continuous availability of hormones
  • Done with a simple, non-invasive procedure 

HRT and Safety

Women have long been weary of using Hormone Replacement Therapy due to the poorly designed, poorly reported, and flawed Women’s Health Initiative Study that began in 1991. It suggested that HRT was linked to increased risks of heart disease and breast, ovarian, and womb cancers. Now that the date has been debunked, research shows that HRT can be safe and highly beneficial for women with symptoms of menopause. 

Similarly, for men, studies are showing the safety of testosterone replacement. A recent study followed men for an average of 33 months, with one group receiving Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy and the other group receiving a placebo. The findings concluded that the rate of major heart-related problems was about the same in both groups; the testosterone treatment did not increase the risk of heart issues. 

FOY by Asandra is a unique and personalized program for Hormone Replacement, never a one-size-fits-all, with a stable, gradual hormone release and without daily hormone administration.  FOY is offered by two of Canada’s top doctors: Dr. Charles Jiang of Midtown Medical Clinic, Richmond Anti-Aging Clinic, SkinArt MD Clinic, and MMC Wellness Medical Group in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Dr. Shawn Seit, a nationally recognized Canadian cosmetic doctor and founder of Rejuuv Medispa in Toronto. 


Dr. Shawn Seit, Founder and Aesthetic Physician of Rejuuv Medi Spa, is a well-respected leader in the industry. His commitment to delivering beautiful, natural-looking results and his focus on internal improvements through regenerative medicine have garnered him a substantial clientele.

A University of Toronto Medical School graduate, Dr. Seit studied under Dr. Stephen Mulholland and Dr. Arthur Swift, two of Canada’s top cosmetic practitioners. He furthered his studies through training and practicing in prestigious locations like London, Paris, Monaco, Switzerland, and South Korea. He is also recognized as a top lecturer and educator in his own right.

Dr. Seit has a long list of accolades, including being named as a top provider of Ultherapy and Morpheus8 in Ontario, a top PicoSure provider in North America, and an ambassador-level partner with Merz Aesthetics. Rejuuv Medi Spa’s clinic was one of the first to introduce thread lifting techniques and to launch EMSCULPT and Morpheus8 technology in Ontario. Moreover, Dr. Seit is one of two physicians in Canada qualified to conduct Hormone Replacement Therapy, employing the pellet and injection techniques.

Aside from a wide range of advanced anti-aging and cosmetic improvement procedures, the clinic will offer a tailored suite of services in medical wellness, sexual health and enhancements, aesthetics rejuvenation and structural beautification.

“Rejuuv’s guiding aim is to help individuals regain their confidence and empower them to achieve specific aesthetic goals through non-invasive procedures,” says Dr. Seit. “The opening of the new Markham location enables us to deliver these services to an even broader range of clients in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.”

About Rejuuv Medi Spa

Rejuuv Medi Spa is a state-of-the-art medical spa founded and directed by Dr. Shawn Seit, one of Canada’s most lauded cosmetic physicians. With over 18 years of experience practicing and lecturing in destinations such as London, Paris, South Korea, and Monaco, Dr. Seit is widely recognized as an innovator in non-invasive cosmetic and regenerative medicine. Rejuuv is known for delivering natural-looking results and promoting personal growth and happiness through advanced, non-invasive cosmetic procedures. https://rejuuvmedispa.com/

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