New Medical Beauty Bar on The Scene in Leslieville, Toronto

Medi-spa services have become increasingly popular due to their unique blend of medical-grade treatments and a spa’s soothing, luxurious environment. They offer advanced, non-invasive procedures that provide significant cosmetic and therapeutic benefits with minimal downtime, appealing to those seeking effective results without the commitment of surgery. The personalized care from licensed professionals, along with the use of cutting-edge technology, ensures safe and targeted treatments for various skin and aesthetic concerns. This combination of efficacy, convenience, and a pampering experience makes medi spa services attractive for individuals looking to enhance their appearance and well-being.

In December of 2023, The Scene Medical Beauty Bar opens its second location in Leslieville, Toronto.


The boutique, neighbourhood spa is an open-air two-chair concept with one private treatment room in a modern and minimal style. 

During my visit to The Scene Medical Beauty Bar in Leslieville, I had the Wellness IV Infusion and the the hydrating and plumping Forma Facial. The facial was like a warm, relaxing massage for about a half hour.  My face looked and felt plumped after just one treatment. My cheeks felt fuller, my face lines almost disappeared, and my jawline was noticeably sharper.

While I was having my warm and relaxing Forma Facial, I was set up for the Wellness IV Infusion with an extra shot of Vitamin C to boost my immune system. It was painless and a great way to double up on services simultaneously.

Forma Facial

This revolutionary procedure allows for instantly visible, highly effective skin tightening for fine lines and wrinkles, skin elasticity, and brightening. The technology is based on the fundamental impact that radio frequency (RF) energy has on the skin and its ability to improve visual appearance. Completely noninvasive and painless, results are immediate with no downtime.

Wellness IV Influsion

The Scene’s healthcare practitioners will build a custom IV Infusion for general wellness, which includes hydration, skin glow, athletic performance and recovery, hangover helper, weight loss support, and many more benefits.

Samantha Foley, Founder Of The Scene Medical Beauty Bar

Samantha Foley is the Founder of The Scene Medical Beauty Bar, trainer for InMode, a leading medical technology company, and has been recognized as being in the top 10% of Morpheus providers in North America, the only person to achieve this in Ontario. As an entrepreneur and Registered Nurse, her journey into the beauty realm began alongside a renowned plastic surgeon in Montreal, Quebec, where Samantha’s passion for the industry was ignited. 

Through this pivotal experience, she honed her expertise, paving the path for her venture into pharmaceuticals. During this time, Samantha pursued her MBA, cultivating brands and refining her business acumen. Drawing from her diverse background in pharma, technologies, and business, Samantha adeptly applies her skill set to foster the growth of The Scene Medical Beauty Bar and equip other professionals in the beauty industry to do the same. 

Instagram: @thescenemedicalbeautybar