“Our ultimate goal is to help each customer feel unapologetically confident and find the path to self-love.”


Loving the Skin You Are In

A Frame of Mind

by Cheryl Gushue

How many times have we looked in the mirror and complained about our body?  “Just a pinch off of here, here and maybe here, then I would be happy.”   Does the scale rule your life, or is it just a number?  Loving the skin you’re in, is a frame of mind.  It can overwhelm us by either taking or giving us confidence in our daily lives.

The perception of a perfect physique is so ingrained in us from social media.  Fashion has always dictated the “ideal” body squeezed into designer frocks.  Images are so highly re-touched that it’s hard to tell what is truly real.  The biggest stars have an entourage and a really great photographer that creates the final looks we see.  Plastic surgery allows us to instantly have the body we have always wanted and is available to everyone.  Due to this and more, our perception of beauty can be unattainable and unrealistic.  

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and comes in all shapes and sizes.  Cultures have body types and extreme characteristics of what their ideal beauty means.  From ancient times, the Venus of Willendorf with a large exaggerated body, was considered the Mother Goddess representing fertility and fetish.  In the 90s the waif trend gave Kate Moss the spotlight of her career with her skinny, boy-like figure.  Over history, our perspective of perfect body shapes and styles continues to morph.

What is beauty now?  Confidence is one of the most beautiful traits that someone can exude.  Loving yourself how you currently are right now is key.  So how do we go about loving ourselves better?  First, understand that what others see in us vs. what we see in ourselves can be drastically different.  We tend to be very hard on ourselves.  Realize that what you see in the social media and fashion worlds is unreal (and maybe those girls are ten years younger than you).  Be good to yourself by being nourished with healthy foods that always leave you feeling great.  Have someone in your life that thinks you are sexy.  Last, dress up for yourself for your own confidence because you know you clean up so well!


MARIEMUR is a lingerie and leather accessories brand, born out of the desire to emphasize the authenticity of each person and help them fall in love with themselves as deeply as possible.  

Self-expression through outfits is one of the best things we can do for ourselves.  When the way we look matches the way we feel and vice versa, confidence and happiness become our loyal companions.  That’s why we create both classic and daring designs – to let you find items that appeal to your authentic self.  

Since 2019, our team of experienced artisans masterfully craft each item by hand using the finest fabrics and genuine Italian leather.  Our looks are one-of-a-kind styles that adjust and frame your body perfectly to bring out your unique beauty.

MARIEMUR offers designs that emphasize the beauty of each person and a wide range of sizes and makes all leather accessories highly adjustable for each client to fit them to their unique curves perfectly. 

“Our ultimate goal is to help each customer feel unapologetically confident and find the path to self-love.”

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