Immune Boosting beauty tips that work by cleaning your body on the inside to shine on the outside while feeling like your best self.

Immune Boosting Facts for a Healthy Life

By Britt Churchill

The immune system is all about having good internal hygiene. That means maximum oxygen intake, healthy bowel movements every single day, proper sleep practices, and a knowledgeable relationship with food.

I’ve spent over 15 years as a model always focusing on my health and wellness with the idea that looking a certain way was the tell all of my health regimen. Striving for perfection on the outside felt key to being successful as a model. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, way too early in life, this meant I was actually not a healthy person. In a world where physical aesthetic is fun to focus on, we can often forget just how important it is to strive for perfection on the inside.

Today my number one priority is my immune system, so the fear of another bad diagnosis doesn’t creep in too often, I let this feeling of anxiety be my reminder to keep it clean. The immune system is complex but the more I practice my inner hygiene the easier it gets to understand. So, here’s a reminder of some of the most basic everyday tips you can use to keep the inside of your body clean, this is the real key to success!

A good night sleep 

I’m a big believer in the circadian rhythm which is known as the natural time keeping clock for our body and has a lot to do with the natural daylight. Getting enough daylight exposure is important to getting a good night sleep and even bright light exposure can do the trick if you have to be indoors. Going to bed by 10-11pm and waking up with the birds at 6-7am is ideal, and keep it consistent. Unfortunately, electronic devices at night have the opposite effect and should be avoided, I know it’s hard but it’s beneficial in so many ways. Supplementing with melatonin is something that can boost your immune system but isn’t recommended to be used for too long of periods at a time, it works really well when sleep is disrupted by jet lag and other inconsistencies.

I have learned the best way to cause illness is to mess with your sleep. The two years before I was diagnosed with cancer I did just that, I actually became very energetic on just 4 hours of sleep per night, I was travelling a lot and thought this was beneficial to my daily routine, turns out it’s literally the most aging and detrimental bad habit I had. Take it from me, get your sleep in check!


Exercise equals oxygen and that’s where we get 90% of our energy from, the other 10% comes from our food. It’s important to move the body to cleanse the inside and to keep oxygen absorption at its peak. Increasing metabolism through exercise helps with digestion and resistance to disease and illness. Luckily, I have always found it important to exercise because I was motivated by my job to look good. During cancer treatments my motivation became more of how to feel good and battle intense anxiety. I may have found clarity in physical activity in the past and used it to stay balanced but during this time it was my main priority.

I no longer feel the need to go extremely hard at the gym or am looking to break any records, now a simple long walk and stretching can be more beneficial to my body, the best is balancing strength training with recovery training. Currently I’m a full-time student to become a nurse, and the hardest part has been having to sit for long periods of time, doing a quick 15-minute workout video to get my blood flowing always gives me more energy and a feeling of being awake and refreshed, it also reminds my bones to stay strong. Exercise also helps with getting a really good night sleep!

Eat properly

A healthy diet is something people struggle with and it seems that most people could use a healthier diet, even if you think you’re healthy already there’s always more food knowledge to learn, it’s an ongoing process so check in and see what you can improve. Be aware of what you put in your body that serves your health, there are many ways to eat healthy and enjoy your food, I enjoy my food most when I know it’s beneficial for me.

As I study biological chemistry, I’m learning how important phytochemicals are, one of the best ways to get the most amount of immune boosting phytochemicals is to have a good blender to make smoothies. Phytochemicals are found in many foods and often, most are in the parts we throw away, like the avocado pit, or the white pith of a citrus fruit, or the pineapple core, think whole foods. If you have a good blender and use it to blend these hard-to-get immune boosting medicines from foods like beets, apples with the skin and seeds, and an entire lime with the white pith, you can heal your body and feel your best. With a 3 horsepower blender I promise they blend right in and taste delicious, this way you save, and are more full of nutrients. This is the best way to give your immune system what it needs and ensures your life longevity with the best quality possible.

Supplements are necessary

The help of some immune boosting supplements, Vitamin D, and a good Vitamin C, I swear by the one from LivOn Labs, are important to giving the immune system a boost. Taking Vitamin C everyday has become good practice, I’ve learned that it can’t be stored in the body because your body excretes any extra amounts so keeping your levels high daily is optimal for health, and bonus since I’ve been taking it every day my complexion has never been better! Checking your vitamin D levels doesn’t hurt either, having them at their peak is extremely beneficial to your overall health and immune system abilities. Studies have shown people who get disease often have much lower Vitamin D levels, so it’s always good to level up on your D intake.

Regular bowel movements people, the bigger they are, means the more nutrients you’re absorbing. So go get a good probiotic to help make good bacteria and regular bowel movements every day, if probiotics don’t work add a prebiotic or find a probiotic with a prebiotic added. Gut health is not only important for your immune system, but also for your mental health and internal hygiene.

All of these immune boosting tips are important to a healthy lifestyle and are something everyone should make a priority for themselves.  This is how to really show that self-love. The benefits are endless, you’ll be an immune system powerhouse with more energy, strength, and beauty that will shine from the inside out. Serve yourself up and know that a healthier lifestyle is a life with more purpose, better motivation, and one you are present in.

If you need help with any of these types of lifestyle tips visit me on the gram @brittchurchill or the Wellby app where you will always receive a video response back from me within 24-48 hours.