“I like breaking the rules and experimenting with new ideas and techniques, pushing hair to the limit.”

Gonzalo Zarauza

What is your signature style/artistic expression to your work?

Any professional in any field has his own style, a hallmark that characterizes him and for which he is recognized. In my case, I’m a person who loves natural and classic beauty, but when I say classic I mean timeless “elegant”, which is what consumers usually look for. But I also like breaking the rules and experimenting with new ideas and techniques, pushing hair to the limit. This need to try new things is what makes me love avant-garde hairdressing, and why a large part of my collections are labeled as this type of hairdressing. 

What is the most fulfilling collaboration you’ve worked on?

Throughout my career, I have been very fortunate to collaborate with great brands, stylists and world-class makeup artists, and it has always been a learning experience for me. I have precious memories of each one of them, but if I have to choose, I choose any of the five that I have done with one of the best hairdressers I know and who represents Spanish hairdressing like no other. It’s my dear friend Manuel Mon. 

What makes an award winning editorial image?

To my knowledge, there are no set recipes, but there are keys that contribute to success. First of all, there’s inspiration, the light bulb that lights up in the head of all creative people and that is the trigger for everything else. Then, there is the concept, the visualization of what you want to achieve. And finally, there is realization, taking into account the technical and artistic limitations and even the budgetary ones. In addition to all this, it’s essential to have a good team with a photographer, a make-up artist, a stylist and models who have experience. Coordination of the entire team is essential to success. 

What was your scariest and proudest moment in your career?

I have always felt like a privileged person because both in my life path and my career I haven’t had dramatic or terrifying moments. Obviously, there have been obstacles, like it happens to everyone, but I have solved them with more or less effort. On the other hand, there are many moments that have made me feel proud. One was when my daughter Ziortza Zarauza was a finalist for the Avant-garde category in the most important awards of Spanish hairdressing, the Fígaro Awards. When her collection burst onto the stage, almost a thousand hairdressers received it with a huge ovation that, as a father, made my hair stand on end. Another moment engraved in my memory was when I was named Spanish Hairdresser of the Year in 2016. Getting the award, which meant that the Spanish hairdressing sector voted me for it, was unforgettable. I’m very grateful to my profession because it has allowed me to have a good life and to receive the recognition and especially the affection of so many people. The best decision of my life was to become a hairdresser. 

What is next for your career goals?

I’m already 64 and I don’t set great professional goals. I hope to continue enjoying life and my passion for hairdressing. I’m looking forward to a new edition of my book “WEDDING DREAMS” on bridal counseling in 2022, and surely there will be new opportunities and projects too. 

What advice would you give to someone starting out in your business?

It has always been difficult for me to give advice. Not because I don’t want to, I’m delighted to share my career and my experiences, but the new generations face a new world. 2020 changed the course of our society and when this bloody pandemic finally ends, there will be a new reality. Consumer needs and habits have changed and all sectors – production and services – will have to readjust to respond to the demands of this new society. I will only give one piece of advice, which is valid for those who are starting the business. PASSION AND TRAINING are two ingredients that when mixed help achieve “magical” results. 

Instagram:  @gonzalo_zarauza

Gonzalo has received several awards, including: 

  • the Gold Star for Professional Excellence (I.E.P. Madrid 2014)
  • the Award for Business Innovation and Creativity (Crea Imagen Bilbao)
  • Honorary Consultant Patron (Omat Foundation)
  • Best Continental Academy award presented by Intercoiffure Mondial
  • Fígaro award in 2015 in the category “Fashion Catwalk” with the collection Fresh
  • Finalist at the AIPP Awards 2016/2017 in the avant-Garde category (created together with Manuel Mon)
  • Spanish Hairdresser of the Year 2016-2017, awarded by Club Figaro
  • Best Avant-Garde Collection Award at the Chicago ABS
  • Figaro award for the best Avant-Garde collection in 2018 (created together with Manuel Mon)
  • Finalist at the AIPP Awards 2019/2020 in the Best Commercial category (Out of Sight collection)
  • Finalist at the AIPP Awards 2020/2021 in the avant-Garde category (created together with Manuel Mon)



Hair:  Gonzalo Zarauza

Make up: MÓNICA LUIS para Centro Beta



Remember Collection:

HAIR: Gonzalo Zarauza @ Centro BETA

MAKE UP: Centro Beta Team

Hair Assistants: Ziortza Zarauza /Marijo Pascual PHOTOGRAPHER: Javier Villalabeitia / Eneritz Medina 

The Fallen Collection

Hair: Gonzalo Zarauza @ Centro Beta

Hair Instagram: @gonzalo_zarauza

Photographer: David Arnal 

Retouch: Javier Villalabeitia Instagram: @javiervillalabeitia

MUA: De Maria Instagram: @graftobianmakeup

Stylist: Visori FashionArt Instagram: @visorifashionartstudio

Products: Montibello Instagram: @montibello_peluqueria

Extensions: Elegance Hair Extensions Instagram: @elegancehairextensions

Unica Collection

Hair: Gonzalo Zarauza @Centro Beta

Hair Instagram: @gonzalo_zarauza

Photography: Esteban Roca

Photography Instagram: @esteban_roca_photo

Retouche: Javier Villalabeitia Retouche Instagram: @javiervillalabeitia

Make up: Wild Van Dijk Make up Instagram: @wildvandijk

Accessories: Silvia Peinado, María Saiz

Accessories Instagram: @silviapeinado @mariasaizgonzalez

Styling: Visori FashionArt 

Styling Instagram: @visorifashionartstudio

Zarinas Collection

Hair: Manuel Mon and Gonzalo Zarauza

Instagram: @manuelmonoficial Instagram: @gonzalo_zarauza

Photographer: Pavel Zverev & Alina Paranina

Retouch: Javier Villalabeitia

Instagram: @javiervillalabeitia

MUA: Tatty Dyakova

Instagram: @Tatty_Dyakova

Stylist: Visori FashionArt 

Instagram: @visorifashionartstudio