Get Beautiful Hair in Your Sleep

Heatless Babe Waves is the pandemic-born beauty brand created by Brittany Johnson.  During the shutdown Johnson’s two year fertility journey and treatments were put on hold.  Instead of losing hope, Johnson channeled her creativity and beauty know-how, and parlayed it into an innovative beauty business.

Heatless Babe Waves eliminates the need for heat and gives women a simple, hair saving solution for effortless curls even while you sleep.  You can put down those damaging hot tools and reduce the amount of hours you spend on styling while achieving glamorous waves.

Johnson says “During the pandemic, this hack became a game-changer for me, and I knew so many other women would feel exactly the same.”  With a little encouragement from the women in her life, she brought it to market and hasn’t looked back since

Heatless Babe Waves

What is a waving cushion?

The Heatless Babe Waves waving cushion is our signature silky cushion which hair can be wrapped around to create glamorous waves without the time spent damaging hair with heated tools.

How does it work?

When you wrap your hair around the waving cushion, your hair will take on a wavy, glamorous shape.  If you wrap tighter the waves will be smaller and tighter.  If you wrap looser, the waves will be big, luscious and loose. 

Best practice is to wrap hair when it is slightly damp.

Does it work on all types of hair?

Heatless Babe Waves works on many types of hair.  If your hair is very coarse, curly or doesn’t hold curl well, this product may not be for you. 

I didn’t get my desired results. What should I do?

Since everyone’s hair is different, try waving it again.  Play around with how tight you wave it.  As the waving cushion is silky and thick, often you will need to wrap hair tighter than you first assume.  Hair can slip off the waving cushion. 

For best results use slightly damp hair and/or spray with hairspray. 

How do I get tighter waves?

For tighter waves, wrap hair around the waving cushion tighter until desired effect.

How do I get looser waves?

For looser waves, wrap hair around the waving cushion more loosely. Be aware if you have shorter layers in the front and wrap loosely, overnight sometimes those layers will slip out. 

Can I sleep with the waving cushion?

Yes!  Absolutely!

Is it comfortable to sleep in?

Yes!  The Heatless Babe Waves was created to be slept in.  It may take a few nights to adjust, however, you’ll be sleeping like a Babe in no time!  You of course can use it during the day as well. The plush material of the waving cushion allows you to move around unencumbered. 

Can I wash the waving cushion?

You may spot wash with warm water and a cloth, but it is not suggested that you submerge the entire waving cushion in water. 

When do I need to replace the waving cushion?

When the waving cushion begins to lose its shape and look worn, we recommend purchasing a new one.  This time frame will look different for everyone depending on how frequently the waving cushion is used. 

Where do you ship?

Canada & United States.

How long until my order ships?

We are a small batch, small business, please allow for up to 7 days for your order to ship!  These beauties are made by hand, made to order. 

Where are they made?

Made by hand and with love in Toronto, Canada.


Instagram:  @heatlessbabewaves