The revolutionary Gama IQ has everything hair stylist has always wanted: lightness, just a little more than 200 grams of innovation to work hours and hours with minimum effort; power, adjustable thanks to three available speeds and above all thanks to the 110.000 revolution per minute engine, seven times more powerful than conventional hair dryers; five temperatures adjustable by digital interface; the Oxy Active technology, for shiny and elastic hair and for a scalp deep cleansing thanks to the emission of active oxygen with antibacterial functions. And all this in just nineteen centimetres.

First absolute innovation, the Memory Function, the speed and temperature memorization system, which recalls chosen settings among the eighteen possible configurations, easily usable with the LED display.

Moreover, thanks to a combination of these LED indicators’ actions, it is possible to know if the hair dryer has a technical problem. Indeed, IQ is equipped with an Auto-Diagnosis system, which allows you to recognize and report errors. For example, if the first five LEDs flash intermittently and LED six is off, this means the engine is blocked. So, it will be very simple to promptly act to solve the problem.

The Venturi effect, characteristic of this hair dryer, ensures an air multiplication supplied by the engine, thanks to the specially designed nozzle. Thus, an extra air flow is diffused, without consuming further energy.

An innovative sensor keeps the temperature constant and prevents overheating, protecting both the hair and the hair dryer from excessive heat.

IQ is equipped with a diffuser and two nozzles for different styling opportunities. The nozzle hooks are also original: they are an internal part of the hair dryer for a grip never seen before.

Gama hits the market October 2019.

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