“Just like working out to tone your body, face fitness can do the same for our face.”

Face Fitness at Any Age

Nowadays, we are more aware of our health and way of living. We choose nutritious diets, stay active, and do our best to live in harmony with nature. Consumers are paying more attention to natural products for their skincare to maintain a youthful look.  A hot topic these days is all about face fitness.  We have seen numerous tools on the market like beauty bars, sonic face vibrators, gua sha massage tools, derma face rollers, and many more. 

Face fitness can substitute invasive cosmetic procedures. Our body is covered in muscles. Just like working out to tone your body, face fitness can do the same for our face. This procedure on a regular basis can get smooth out wrinkles, lift your face structure, and decrease smile lines and sagging skin. If you learn how to do face fitness correctly, you can achieve amazing results.

We spoke with Valeriia Veksler to debunk some myths about the efficacy and process of face fitness.

The Myths and Truths of Face Fitness

Is there a benefit to working on facial muscles? 

Face muscles are different from body muscles. There are groups of muscles that are more dynamic in function, such as lips, forehead, and eyes. Our job is to relax them with face exercises. Groups that are more static, such as cheeks and neck are prone to aging due to underworking. As we age, they are prone to get affected by gravity, so we need to tone them with exercises. But not only do we work with muscles, but we also need to work on bone structures, posture, lymph, and blood flow. 

Face fitness is hard and takes a long time. 

This is a big myth. Face muscles are much smaller than body muscles and if we spend 10-15 minutes per day on certain exercises, we will see huge benefits. There are even exercises that can be done during the day, at work, in the car, while waiting in line, etc. 

I’m too old for face fitness.

Just like skincare, we need to start taking care of our faces from our teenage years. We must learn the correct process of skincare, our posture, and muscle tension so that when we get to our 30s, we will be more resilient to aging processes. However, it’s never too late if you’re above your teenage years. Like working out, you’ll still achieve a toned body even after 60+ if you’re consistent. I have clients who are 65+ and they look amazing! Not only that, I help them live with happiness and awareness of their true beauty and potential. 

If we do cosmetic procedures, we see results right away, but with face fitness, it takes a long time. 

WRONG! First of all, since I used to work in the cosmetic industry, we know that it takes up to fourteen days to see the results of injectable treatments. Face fitness does not have any side effects and after specific exercises, results are noticeable right away. Using my ’Signature Triangle of Beauty Method’, I host beauty marathons on my Instagram page and 1000 people who completed them, achieve results within fourteen days. 

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