EVO comes from a long line of hairdressing heritage.  A family-owned business, EVO’s mission is to grow and protect the hairdressing industry by providing salons across the globe.  They are honest products that respect people and the planet.

We spoke to Jay Kownacki, the Head of Education at EVO about the latest collection.

Higher Ground

Can you share the creative inspiration behind these three looks from the higher ground collection?

The creative concept for ‘higher ground’ was a true collaboration between our Creative Team. Each team member built their own individual brief which we fused together, resulting in a collection with no restraints, boundaries, or limits. In the lead-up and on-set, creativity was flowing freely… and in true EVO style, plenty of fun was had. We think this really shows in the collection, which represents our global Creative Team so perfectly.

How does EVO prioritize artistry in the higher ground collection?

We gave our team complete freedom when putting together their briefs, prioritizing their individual talents as artists. We only gave them two prerequisites, the first being that each look needed to be broken down into teachable techniques, and the second was that each look needed to incorporate a combination of cutting, coloring, and styling techniques. Now that we have hue-verse as part of our product portfolio, we are a full-concept professional haircare brand. We really wanted the collection to showcase this, to inspire and empower our community to recreate the looks, and to celebrate the artistry and the breadth of creativity that can be achieved using EVO.

Where do you get your professional inspiration from in general?

We pride ourselves on collaboration and get our professional inspiration from our team. They are inspired by so many different aspects of life and are located in many regions across the globe, meaning we can be sure we’re being extremely inclusive and representative, and that our looks appeal globally.

Can you share tips for fellow hairdressers looking to work on their creative process?

Creativity comes from everywhere and there’s no one direction that suits all. Make sure you immerse yourself in all aspects of life to truly discover what speaks to you. Our Creative Team is a testament to this, as they gain their creative inspiration from such a vast array of things. The best creatives are willing to experiment and persist until they get things right… so practice, practice, practice.

Instagram:  Jay Kownacki

Website:  www.evohair.com

“At EVO, we don’t follow trends. Our products are made for anyone and everyone, so we strive to be as inclusive as we possibly can, in everything we do. This means achieving diversity in both ethnicity and hair type. “