“The Dyson Supersonic rTM Professional hair dryer builds on the technology and knowledge we have developed, offering fast drying and styling benefits for all hair types with no heat damage. Our new streamlined heater technology developed for this machine is world-first, and combined with our high-speed motors, it enables the lightweight form factor and fast precise airflow.” -Gavin Galligan, Senior Design and Development Manager, Dyson Beauty. 

Dyson Supersonic is Smaller and Lighter Than Ever

Dyson announces the newest professional haircare technology at the 2024 New York Fashion Week – the Dyson Supersonic r™ Professional hair dryer that is smaller, lighter, fast drying, with no heat damage, available exclusively to professional stylists. Professionally Drying Hair

Professionally Drying Hair

The Dyson Supersonic r™ Professional hair dryer is Dyson’s lightest, smallest, and most precise styling tool enabled by power-dense technologies – a new technology streamlined heater, the Dyson Hyperdymium™ motor and intelligent Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sensors in each attachment which communicate with the hair dryer, automatically adjusting the motor and heater to deliver optimal airflow and temperature. 

Dyson engineers were tasked to create the smallest hair dryer with powerful precision. This meant doubling down on the core technology within the Dyson SupersonicTM hair dryer – particularly heater technology, motor performance, and attachments – re-engineering a machine to deliver precision for professionals in an entirely new form factor. The Dyson Supersonic rTM Professional hair dryer is 30% smaller, 20% lighter, and more maneuverable – delivering fast drying with smoother, frizz-free and shinier results.

For Professionals First

Since 2017, Dyson interviewed almost 700 professional stylists, integrating their insights and experience into final products. With the Dyson Supersonic r™ Professional hair dryer, stylists get exclusive first access to a machine that directly addresses challenges they face every day while providing superior styling experience and results.

A stylist will typically see between 4-16 clients each day, spending on average 30 – 60 minutes styling per client and adapting their angle up to 30 times during one styling session; strain-related injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome are highly prevalent across the stylist community. These insights informed the Dyson Supersonic rTM Professional hair dryer, providing professionals with an agile and adaptive tool that responds to real-world demands while delivering superior styling experience and results.

New Ergonomic Format

The Dyson Supersonic rTM Professional hair dryer’s form factor is unique. Ergonomically designed in a revolutionary ‘r’ curve, it weighs just 325 grams, less than the weight of a bottle of hairspray, with a shape that allows professionals to effortlessly reach where it usually is hard to reach with control and comfort.

Streamlined Flow Heater for Even Heat

Dyson’s proprietary new heater technology is small, light and incredibly power-dense. Conventional heaters use open wire wrapped around mica boards, commonly used in electronics, which result in hot and cold spots in the airflow. Dyson hair scientists have researched how to prevent heat damage to maintain hair health, with sights set on engineering tools that create great style and help keep hair healthy.

Dyson’s streamlined flow heater technology is the first Dyson curved heater in a hair dryer, made of symmetrical foils which form a suspended track. This track delivers efficiency through maximum exposure to the airflow, with minimum impact on the flow rate and performance. This high-pressure air through the unique curve heats the airflow more evenly, with no hotspots. This means the user experiences increased temperature even when using attachments, a higher temperature for styling, and fast drying, with no heat damage. A lighter, more agile tool that combats common complaints within the stylist community – achy arms, dull hair and extreme heat damage. 

Leading Session stylists use the Dyson Supersonic rTM Professional hair dryer to style hair across New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks for the Fall 2024 season. 

Website:  www.dysoncanada.ca