“I believe everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it. I love to work with texture and movement and combine contrasting elements and let them flow.”

Daniele de Angelis

What country are you from, and where do you reside? 

I grew up and trained in Rome but London is my home. 

Title of what you do and if you are aligned with a brand or company. 

Academy Manager and member of the international artistic team for TONI&GUY 

Education background (school, salons, self-taught)?

I knew I wanted to become a hairstylist from the age of 13, but my family wanted me to finish school. So it started as a hobby for me, cutting my friends’ hair in the afternoon until I turned 18! I began my career in Rome, where I was lucky to attend a hair show, and when I saw the TONI&GUY artistic team on stage, I was sold. I packed my suitcase and moved to London! 

My first attempt was not a success, and after eight months, I moved back to Rome. I then moved to Barcelona for almost a year, but my dream to become an artistic director made me want to give it another shot, so I moved back to London in 2007. I started my career with TONI&GUY’s sister company Essensuals, and then joined TONI&GUY in 2009. The rest is history. Now I am Academy Manager at the flagship TONI&GUY Academy in central London. 

What is your signature style/artistic expression of your work? 

It’s always essential for me to portray a strong and independent woman, still keeping suitability at the forefront of my vision. I believe everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it. I love to work with texture and movement and combine contrasting elements and let them flow.

Do you have a career turning point, big break, or person who has helped your career? 

I have entered awards many times, including London Hairdresser of the Year, but when I won it in 2020 I was over the moon. Then, to win it again in 2021 was a real pinnacle of my career. Now, I want to be the first Italian to win the title three times! 

What was the scariest and proudest moment in your career? 

The proudest moment was winning London Hairdresser of the Year for the first time in 2020 and again in 2021. 

What is next for your career goals? 

Working with a company such as TONI&GUY means there are always opportunities to succeed, follow your dreams and progress your career. I moved to the UK to work with them and am now the Manager of our flagship Academy in the heart of London, working with hairdressers who visit us from around the world. 

Every day is different and it’s great to meet stylists we talk to on our digital platform or when I visit their country. For me, I want to continue showcasing my work and inspiring hairdressers. I’m also writing a book where I share my journey, the ups, the downs, how I kept the faith and followed my dreams. I want to share my story with all the dreamers out there; the ones who are working and the ones who are just starting. Those who want to prove to people that they are wrong, for the ones who left their family, friends, their city, country and decided to live their dream.

What advice would you give to someone starting in your business? 

Grab every opportunity with both hands. The more you put in, the more this industry gives back. Offer to assist whenever you can; never say no. Have a strong foundation in general hairdressing skills and knowledge. Don’t expect to earn lots of money at the start of your career, it’s all about gaining experience, contacts and building a network.

Instagram: @daniele_deangelishair

Website: www.toniandguy.com