“As a hair health enthusiast, I have always been passionate about ensuring clients and customers are putting their hair health first, and educating customers on the importance of using clean and kind haircare.” -Angelina James.

BondiBoost Launches Infrared Bounce Brush and Coastal Coconut LTE Heat Protectant

Maintaining healthy hair involves consistent key practices. It is important to prioritize a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients like biotin, vitamins A, C, and E, as well as omega-3 fatty acids, all of which promote hair health. Regular cleansing with a gentle shampoo and conditioning to keep hair clean and hydrated is crucial. Minimize heat styling to prevent damage, opting for air drying when possible. Regular trims help eliminate split ends and stimulate growth, while safeguarding hair from environmental harm through protective measures like hats or UV protection products is essential. Scalp health is a big topic these days with products on the market that help exfoliate, treat and hydrate the scalp. Also, managing stress levels is vital as stress can negatively impact hair health. 

With the myriad of products and tools in the market it can be very daunting to choose the right one for you. Beauty Hub Magazine speaks with Angelina James from Bondi Boost about products and tools and best healthy hair practices.


Angelina James has spent four years in the high-end, fast paced Headcase Hair Salons in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, learning from and working with hair experts John Pulitano, Vincent Nobile, and Dario Controneo. She has worked three Sydney Fashion Weeks, working on editorial styling for brands such as Oroton, Rumer, aje, Jordan Dallah, Nicol and Ford, Verner, and Christopher Esber. James specialized in men’s cuts, lived in blondes, up-styling, and low maintenance women’s cuts.

James’ passion for haircare and styling, and love of working with BondiBoost products in-salon, led her to the BondiBoost Customer Care team last year. She now works in the Sydney office speaking to customers every day to make recommendations, or answer questions to help our babes achieve their hair goals using BondiBoost systems, styling products and tools.

Infrared Bounce Brush

BondiBoost, the best-selling Australian hair care brand announces the launch of their new hot tool, the Infrared Bounce Brush ($98) now available on BondiBoost.com. The infrared technology harnesses the power of negative ions to lock in moisture to create soft styles, for a smooth and glossy finish – clinically proven to cause zero damage. The aloe infused bristles increase shine by 47% and reduce frizz by 35% – solving common hair concerns with just one attachment. The Infrared Bounce Brush is meant to be used on dry hair to ensure the best results and all-day volume.

The Infrared Bounce Brush has a heat range of 275-450°F and a 360° swivel cord. The 42mm barrel allows for multiple styling options – promising increased volume by 67% after one use.

What it is:

The Infrared Bounce Brush is a heated round brush that provides instant volume, a healthy bounce, for sleek, shiny, smooth strands.

Why we love it:

Infrared technology harnesses the power of negative ions to lock in moisture to create soft styles, for a smooth and glossy finish. It’s the healthier way to heat style.


Instant volume, sleek, swishy, or wavy hair.
Perfect for air dried hair or second day touch-ups.
Infrared technology is less damaging than traditional forms of heat.
Aloe infused bristles add shine, smooth hair, and reduce frizz.

How to use:
Always start with dry hair.
Want sleek and swishy hair? Wrap dry hair around the heated hair brush then slowly glide it down to your ends and curl inwards.
Want more volume? Pop the heated round brush under your hair at the roots, then hold in place for 10-15 seconds and slowly glide down to ends.
Want more of a wave? Wrap hair around the Infrared Bounce Brush, hold for 10-15 seconds, then twist out for a looser wave finish.

Heat Protectant Spray in Coastal Coconut

In addition to the Infrared Bounce Brush, BondiBoost is announcing the launch of a new LTE Heat Protectant Spray in the scent Coastal Coconut. This limited-edition product can be used on damp or dry hair, protects hair up to 450°F while adding shine and reducing frizz. It is clinically proven to improve split ends by 86% after 1 use and does not weigh hair down.

Both products are available now on BondiBoost.com 

Sephora.com and Ulta.com.