The Beauty Industry Post-Pandemic: Shaping our Future

What is BeautyCouncil Canada doing to support our industry through this crisis? 

For starters, we have attempted to translate and simplify the convoluted information from the government and news regarding the many regulations and restrictions on our industry. While we know the information is changing rapidly, we hope you’ve gained some understanding from our summaries and felt supported through the resources we’ve shared over the past few weeks. 

Next, we want to be part of the solution. Instead of waiting to be told what our industry will look like after this is all over, we want to have a say in shaping it. 

That’s why we are developing a formal recommendation to present to the provincial government regarding reopening beauty and personal service businesses in BC. We want to be proactive and get in front of the recommendations, avoiding the kind of situation we have seen in other provinces — where very little consultation with representatives of the industry has taken place. 

Why is BeautyCouncil suited to the task?

The BeautyCouncil is a not-for-profit association made up of members. We are an organization of beauty professionals for beauty professionals — clearly representing the interests of the industry in our region. From our Executive Director Greg Robins: “We are listening to our members and trying to connect with everyone we can in the community.” 

The recommendation will be built upon a three-legged strategy:

    1. Research what is being done (or planned) in Canada and throughout the world to reintroduce beauty to clients. Ask what is working, what isn’t working, what makes sense for our region, etc. 
    2. Research what essential businesses have learned and implemented to keep patrons and staff safe while being open throughout the crisis (i.e. grocery stores, banks, etc.)
    3. Survey the industry and beauty professionals like you! Find out straight from the source what would make you and your customers feel safe, as well as what is necessary to maintain the success of your businesses. 

All of this information is being analyzed and compiled into a formal document by Executive Director Greg Robins and the rest of the Beauty Council Board Members. 

How can BeautySafe play a role? 

At BeautyCouncil, it has always been a mission of ours to elevate and standardize the beauty industry. While a BeautySafe certification is not mandatory, we know that clients are going to be looking for clean, professional, and safe establishments to patron. With businesses closed, now is the perfect time to get ahead of the changing landscape and new expectations within the beauty industry — and BeautySafe is constantly being updated with new information and best practices. 

It is all of our futures — let’s take some control over it. 

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