Soon-to-be trends for 2023 that you can’t find anywhere else.

Pinterest’s Top Three Beauty Trend Predictions for 2023

From micro-manis to barely-there bobs, this year’s beauty looks will be a cut above the rest. Millennials and Gen Z are trading in their long, coffin-shaped nails for mini French manis. They’ll opt for short braids and chopped bangs instead of long, luscious locks. 

In 2023, small beauty gets its big break. 

Instead of releasing a year-end wrap-up sharing what was trending, Pinterest shares an annual selection of the most inspiring and interesting ideas to explore for the year to come. People come to Pinterest to plan and be inspired, with more than 400 million people using the platform each month to discover new ideas and bring them to life. 

The predictions for what’s going to be big in 2023 aren’t guesswork or clairvoyance, it’s months and months of data analysis, and evaluation. The result? A comprehensive report of the soon-to-be trends for 2023 that you can’t find anywhere else.

For the last three years, eight out of ten trends came true thanks to robust methodology and analysis. This year, Pinterest analyzed what people have been searching for on the platform to identify or predict the key trends that will emerge or continue to grow in 2023. 

Beauty Hub Magazine spoke with Pinterest, North America, Editorial Manager, Mishal Cazmi, about predictions of three top beauty trends that we will be seeing in 2023.  Let’s look into Pinterest’s magic beauty mirror of the future!

“I always say there’s something for everyone, but I never discount the trends.” Mishal Cazmi.

Skinification of Scalp Care

Addressing the Root Cause

“The reason why scalp care is so important is we are experiencing hair loss issues due to the unprecedented amount of stress in the last couple of years. Not just women but men as well.  That’s a big reason why scalp care has become so trendy. Your scalp is the first stage of taking care of good healthy hair.  People are not looking for a band-aid or a temporary solution, they want a long-term solution. It’s similar to not just camouflaging a skin issue but actually tackling the problem.” says Cazmi.

“In 2023, people are going to start caring more about their hair in combination with their scalp. This is something we’re really expecting to see from Gen Z and Millennials and in previous years, skincare has really dominated the beauty industry. Now Pinterest is seeing a rise in searches related to scalp care vs. skincare with search terms like ‘scalp massage techniques’ and ‘clean scalp build-up’.  

“We are witnessing the skin-ification of the scalp.  It’s taking skincare rituals that we used to reserve just for the face or the body, extending it to the scalp, and giving it the same kind of TLC and attention. It speaks to the importance of scalp health because healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp.  In India and South Asia, for example, there is an ayurvedic tradition of oiling the hair (called Champi) where they would also incorporate scalp massage. It’s a head-to-toe approach.”

Get Into the Routine

“The scalp massager that you put in your shower is very popular.  Just like gua sha which helps increase blood flow and promotes relaxation for your face. We will start seeing people create a routine for their scalp the same way you have a multi-step approach for your skin care with procedures like a pre-scalp, pre-cleanse, or a scalp scrub before the shampoo and conditioner. They might even massage in some oil before or after with help of a scalp massager.  There are more hair serum searches too.”

Micro Makeovers

“Micro Makeovers are all about those subtle beauty statements. We usually associate the word makeover with a major drastic change but this trend really speaks to the fact that small changes can still make a big impact. The main terms we saw were ‘micro French nails’, ‘chopped haircut’, ‘chop bob haircut’, ‘micro bangs’, ‘short stiletto nails’, and ‘short braid hairstyles’ which is the opposite of all the big hair and big nails we have been witnessing.”

Nailing It In 2023

“Now we see millennials and Gen Z, go for those smaller beauty trends.  Let’s take nails as an example. For a while, we were seeing those long coffin and almond-shaped nails which are all the rage.  The current trend is that you can still have statement nails with something like ‘micro French nails’ which are on the shorter side with just a thin line on the tip of your nail in a pop of color like neon.”

The Other Side of Euphoria

“Style feels more accessible right now.  We have overdone it for some time and as cyclical, as trends are, we are headed toward minimalism. The younger generation is going for this because they are the ones that want to go EXTRA and take everything over the top.  Perhaps, this is the other side of euphoria? Whatever that euphoria trend has been in the past few years. This is the new direction.” 

Nails by Rita Remark of Essie

Indecisive Gemini Hair

“Gemini hair, it’s all about the most literal expression – having two-tone hair colors. 2020 was mostly about self-expression through hair color. We have seen this with makeup. That concept is making its way with hair except now it’s all about making bolder, more rebellious choices and being your most authentic self. They not sticking with traditional hair colors or shades.  It’s about those out-of-the-box colors that you don’t usually see.”

“This trend is being led by Gen Z and millennials. It’s about mixing your natural hair color with something unexpected and maybe even dramatic.  ‘Bright blue or ‘bright pink and black braids’ are the types of searches we are seeing.  They want to mix unexpected shades like pink and lavender. There are even searches for brown to pink balayage, which sounds very pretty.”

You Are Your Canvas

“This coming year it’s all about your hair being your canvas.  You are the artist and your hair is your canvas.  Gen Z might be more experimental and risky and do these colors themselves but it might be worth your while to enlist the help of a pro and make that appointment to the salon. 

The idea of temporary or bonded colored extensions is a great option for those who don’t want to affect their real hair. On the flip side, if you are feeling extra adventurous, another search term that’s trending is ‘multitone hair colors’ looking for different tones, and more than one color.  That’s why it’s Gemini!”

Your hair is your canvas and 2023 will be all about self-expression through multi-tone hair color mixed in with your natural shades. We will see both men and women getting into scalp health routines that are just as important as your skincare regime. For the upcoming year, we will see a minimalist approach where small changes can still make a big impact with a micro makeover.

Hopefully, these trend predictions will be influential for your shoots and clients in the upcoming year!

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