“I love meeting new people and doing hands on things and being able to be creative.”

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What country are you from and where do you live? 

My background is Italian and I was born and live in Mississauga, Canada.

Title of what you do and the company you work with? 

I am a Master Stylist & Media Hair Expert. I specialize in precision hair cutting and styling for celebrities, TV and runway.  I work at a salon and for one of Canada’s most well known television stations. 

Education Background (Hair school, Art school, No school)?

I apprenticed in numerous salons throughout the city and worked and trained in Italy. 

What is your signature style/Artistic expression? 

My signature style is my extreme attention to detail when cutting and styling hair. 

What was your career turning point/big break?

My turning point was when I was in high school. I started cutting my brother’s hair and my parents out of our basement.  They seemed to like their haircuts so I brought my equipment to school to test out on my friends. On a wood log in an empty parking lot I set up shop.  Before I knew it I had I line up of students waiting to get their hair cut. I noticed teachers and principal from afar. I was sure the gig was up..(here comes a suspension).  They approached me and said “I’m next” and “You better clean up when you’re done!” What a relief! At that point I figured this was meant to be and a great career for me. I love meeting new people and doing hands on things and being able to be creative. That’s when I decided to get training professionally and the rest is history. 

What is your scariest and proudest moment of your career?

My scariest moment would be moving away to another country at a young age and possibly forever to learn and master the European take on doing hair and not knowing what to expect without my immediate family near me for the first time in my life .

My proudest moments are being able to work at Milano Fashion Week or the time I got a random phone call from New York on a Tuesday morning while I was getting ready to go to work. I was asked if I was interested in being the personal hairstylist for a very well known celebrity/actress and former Miss World while she was in Toronto for a promotional tour.  Sure, my first thought was I wanted to go to watch football that day but I agreed to it and never regretted my decision ever since. Also being recognized and offered positions at Toronto’s and Canada’s top television stations. 

What is next for your career goals?

I would like to create a team of hairstylists, makeup artists and photographers that share the same vision and passion as I do.  Collaborating to make beautiful “art” work for the world to enjoy. 

What advice would you give to someone starting out in your business?

Advice I would give to someone starting in the business is to work hard and stay dedicated to every position you are in.  Strive to be the best at everything you do. Watch everyone and anyone and learn from them all. There is no right way or wrong way to do things there are just different ways to do things. 5+4 =9, 6+3=9 ,7+2 = 9 all different equations with the same outcome.  You must learn as much as you can from as many people as you can. Then and only then can you take the skills that are best for you to create your own unique style and technique. Never get down on yourself and never give up. You cannot make every person in life happy.  So you can’t take things personally if they don’t go your way. You can only take it as a lesson and move forward and do the best that you can. Nothing less and nothing more. Strive for perfection. Although we may never get there we can strive to get as close as we possibly can. 

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Hair by Paolo Marola

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