Not Just Another Fancy Face

Where conscious, vegan, cruelty-free makeup brushes meet the utmost luxury.

Fancy Face Inc., led by beauty expert and television personality Brittany Gray is Canada’s most prestigious beauty team, providing luxury in-home, on-site, or in-studio hair and makeup services for women who want to feel exquisitely beautiful by an all-female expertly experienced team. In 2019, Fancy Face launched its namesake cosmetics line, offering makeup/skincare products to equip everyday women with the techniques and easy-to-use beauty products, to help them put their best face forward. Each of the ethically made fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic products is carefully curated to create a complete edited collection of makeup products, inclusive for women of all ages.

Renowned Canadian beauty brand, Fancy Face, announces the release of its first-ever ethically made brush collection. The 15-piece ‘Blushing Gold’ Brush set, made from state of the art nano-wool technology, will be exclusively on the brand’s e-commerce site –

“Creating these brushes was inherently important for myself and the expansion of the brand’s technology in the vegan space,” states Brittany Gray, Founder, and CEO, Fancy Face. “As a 15-year veteran providing professional makeup, I had to ensure the quality of the brushes was high enough to withhold even the most intricate applications, with the softest most durable touch when creating them. I am incredibly proud to launch this product into the market!”

Founded by industry veteran and internationally renowned makeup artist Brittany Gray, the Blushing Gold Signature Brush set accompanies the brand’s full namesake product line of fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, and hypoallergenic beauty/skincare products. Each brush comes complete with a luxe gold aluminum base, an eco-friendly painted pearl white wood handle, and shed-free, quick-drying ultra-soft, and antibacterial bristles. The set, accompanied by a holographic brush bag, also takes the guesswork out of the use of brushes, as each brush is labeled for its intended use. 

The state-of-the-art nano wool technology allows the makeup to sit on top of the brush and not absorb into the bristles themselves, reducing product waste and extending product lifetime. The full list of the brushes in the set includes:

Powder: Nano Wool Fiber

Buff: Nano Wool Fiber & Synthetic

Blush: Nano Wool Fiber

Cream: Nano Wool Fiber

Sculpt: Nano Wool Fiber

Highlight: Nano Wool Fiber

Contour: Nano Wool Fiber

Base: Synthetic Hair

Shadow: Nano Wool Technology

Smudge: Synthetic Hair

Liner: Synthetic Hair

Define: Synthetic Hair

Lip/Brow: Synthetic Hair

Blend: Nano Wool Fiber

Lash & Brow: Adjustable & Synthetic

The Blushing Gold Signature Brush set will be available for $260 USD|CAD at

Red is the Color of Love

Canadian beauty brand, Fancy Face, founded by internationally renowned beauty expert Brittany Gray, announced today the launch of its first-ever matte red lipstick shade, “Give Love”, to mark the holiday season. The eponymous beauty brand celebrates the made-in-Canada holiday lipstick with a one-for-one give-back partnership with Canadian national charity HopeTotes.

“The name ‘Give Love’ was born out of the idea to give back to the community in perpetuity,” states Brittany Gray, Founder, and CEO, Fancy Face. “We perfected this red shade of lipstick to ring in the holiday season and to help thousands of women in need receive essential goods across the country.” 

With the sale of every ‘Give Love’ lipstick shade, Fancy Face will donate one full tote bag of women’s essentials to HopeTotes, a Canadian charity working to provide essential goods to women’s shelters across Canada. Extending in perpetuity, Fancy Face will continue the partnership past the holiday season to mark their dedication to philanthropic initiatives. 

The singular red lipstick will join the brand’s current offering of ethically manufactured top of the line vegan brushes, beauty balms, eye masks, and various non-comedogenic, paraben-free, and hypoallergenic cosmetics – intended to offer an inclusive edited collection of products for daily use.


HopeTotes is a non-registered Canadian charity, which provides everyday essentials to women in need, by assembling gift bags of health and hygiene products delivered to women’s shelters across Canada. Working to help alleviate over 3000 women per night, a HopeTote serves as a complete care package to an arriving recipient. The content, tucked into a beautiful hand-made tote, is a gesture of personalized care and support during a sensitive and difficult time.

Fancy Face “Give Love” lipstick will be available at the brand’s e-commerce platform