Enjoy the process and trust that with hard work, you will achieve your goals.”

What country are you from and where do you live?

I’m from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada and currently reside in Toronto. 

Title of what you do and what company you work with?

Creator Morgan Roy Beauty, Youtube channel and store.  Creative Director for Civello Salon and Spa and the Aveda Institute Toronto. 

Education background (Hair school, salons, self taught)?

My education in hairdressing has never ended.  For the past fifteen years working for the Aveda school I have been in a constant state of learning through guest artists, shows or online opportunities.  My early education began in Winnipeg at a local trade college.  Upon graduation I moved to Toronto where I apprenticed then moved up to a stylist position with Vidal Sassoon. 

What is your signature style/artistic expression to your work?

I love beautiful, but not in the traditional sense.  I think beauty can be in everyone and it’s my job to help assist my clients in seeing that beauty.  I’m also very technique based in my approach.  In teaching, I love the process of breaking something down in order to explain it to others. I do this in the salon as well as in my YouTube channel. 

Do you have a career turning point or big break that has helped your career? What was your scariest and proudest moment in your career?

I’m not sure if I’ve had a turning point in my career as much as a long and steady climb.  The advice I give to my students is to just enjoy the process and trust that with hard work, you will achieve your goals.  Any time I’m given a new opportunity is always a little scary, but often leads to moments of pride and accomplishment.

What is next for your career goals?

I was a NAHA nominee in the Hairstylist of the year category this year, so my career goal is to win it one day!  I also plan to grow my YouTube channel and online store.  I’d love to reach more people with my beauty advice.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in your business

Don’t rush.  Be grateful for all of your clients, they are the ones that are your greatest teachers (especially the difficult ones).



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