“I’ve always described my approach to hairdressing as romantic and ethereal.  I like hair color that is layered and that has multiple levels of dimension. “I’ve always believed haircuts should be light and airy and that the hair should dance.” 

Mela & Kera by Jason Lee

We caught up with Jason Lee to hear about his career in the professional beauty industry and his beautiful new luxury brand Mela & Kera.  

What is the essence of Jason Lee?

I will always consider myself first and foremost a hairdresser and colorist.  That said, I now see myself as a product developer and entrepreneur.  I am a stylist, salon owner, and founder of Mela & Kera.  

How did you get your start in the beauty industry?

I started out at Marvel Beauty School in Toronto and was mentored by Sabino Di Tacchio who was a world-champion hairdresser.  He discovered me as a young choreographer at a local fashion show.  He saw my drive and my ability to produce at a young age.  He took me on the road to help with his platform work across North America and introduced me to the world of hairdressing.

What is a memorable or fulfilling moment in your career?

One of the most fulfilling jobs I had had was my time working at Serge Normant For John Frieda Salon in NYC which was a dream gig for me.  It was just such a special moment in my career to be working alongside iconic hairdressers like Serge Normant and Harry Josh as well as the colorists and stylists at the salon who was the best of the best in Manhattan.”  

Tell us about your new business venture and product brand Mela & Kera.  

I created Mela & Kera not only to produce high-performing hair care products but to do it with a moral obligation to create products that are good for people to use on themselves and that are responsible for the environment.  We have recently launched and are working on taking the brand international.  

I’ve come to learn over the years that I have a strong drive and ambition, so I really want to honor that part of myself.  I’ve always wanted to do what I’m doing right now so I feel quite lucky to be on that journey.

What kind of goals are next for you?

Career goals for me actually mean having an incredible team who drives the success of our brand.  I want to give a voice to hairdressers around the world to inspire and continue to be inspired by our incredible industry.  My goals also include giving a platform to artists of all mediums to create and manage their careers through our work with Mela & Kera.  

You can find Mela & Kera at Venus Beauty Supply in Canada

Instagram:  @jasonleehair

Instagram:  @melaandkera 


Photography:  Richard Bernardin @richardbernardinphoto

Styling:  Zeina Esmail @zeinaesmail

Assistant to Zeina:  Brandon Laughton @lordlaughton

Hair:  Steven Turpin @turpinsteven

Makeup:  Grace Lee @graceleebeauty