Processing Colour Game Changer

FASTFOILS is a high performance foil that allows you to achieve a faster safer lift, or further lift than your conventional foil while maintaining the integrity of the hair.

FASTFOILS are a game changer for colourists and salon owners.  Not only does the foil allow you to do a better job highlighting easier and safer, but also allow the stylist and salon to make more money by reducing processing time, allowing the stylist to see more guests in the same amount of time.

There are many ways these foils will protect the hair’s integrity.  The average processing time is 25% faster than conventional foils.  It maintains heat twice as long after is removed.  Colourists use a lower developer while processing in the same amount of time vs. using a higher, more damaging developer.  You won’t notice any swelling of the foil while achieving a higher level of lift.

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