Budding Beauty Business at the Rosé Room

I wanted our space to be photo worthy for them and I wanted to take the guesswork out of where they could get ready for one of the most important days of their life. We coined our storefront space the “Rosé Room” because well, the shop is a little rosé pink wonderland.

STARRING the Smart Salon of the Future

Celebrity stylist Ted Gibson and celebrity colorist Jason Backe had the vision to create a salon environment that was totally unique that spoke to the future of the salon industry. In Los Angeles, they created the world’s first hair salon that merges cutting-edge smart home technology called STARRING By Ted Gibson.

6:19 Tattoo Studio

“You Are Yours” is the conceptual slogan to the professional aesthetic of 6:19. This is inspired by the Bible, and we’re interpreting it as an ability to live life and relish simple things. Our purpose is to nurture the concept of individuality.”

Alberto Apostoli Creates Harmony with Art and Spa

“My concept was a multipurpose, holistic, avant-garde spa conceived as a work of art.”

Sfera Beauty Moscow

Billowy ombre sheers separate the working areas in this modern, concrete loft style salon.

Linnaean Salon London

This wellness concept features a hair salon, beauty spa and café/restaurant all under one roof is best described as a salon dedicated to self-care.

Balmain Paris

Balmain Paris
The Balmain Hair Couture Salon Is a luxurious, exclusive place with subtle mixes of artistic harmony and decorative splendor dedicated to a total beauty experience.