“We wanted to create a relaxed space where our clients and our team can relax in a contemporary setting with a homely feel, and what better than a townhouse to create this ambience,” explains Sally.

Brooks & Brooks Salon Opens Covent Garden Location

After a successful twenty-one years in Sally and Jamie Brooks UK salon, it was time to change location due to a significant street renovation. After several disappointments in trying to find a new location, all this changed when they bumped into Charles Worthington.

“We saw Charles at an event, and he told us he was closing his Covent Garden salon, and he offered to show us around,” recalls Jamie. “The minute we stepped inside, we both fell in love with the quirky rooms and the space this allowed us to create a new look.” The salon needed a complete overhaul, but they wanted to keep the aesthetic of the house’s heritage with the wonky walls, fireplaces and beautiful staircase. The Grade 2* listed building was perfect for aesthetics and location, being around the corner from their existing salon in Holborn.

“We wanted to create a relaxed space where our clients and our team can relax in a contemporary setting with a homely feel, and what better than a townhouse to create this ambience,” explains Sally. 

“The salon is a home (the home of the hair artists) where each detail is considered; it has points of interest in every corner that the client sees, feels and talks about, but at the same time, gives the team a relaxed, uncomplicated way of working.” They worked with their long-standing designer who knew them inside out, what they wanted and who they trusted. 

The suspended metal workstations are designed for both the client and the team alike, with plug sockets for clients and easily accessible sockets for the hairdresser – the unique space is designed for your kit bag to fit perfectly into it, your clients bag to be hung, your drawer with all your daily needs, your mirror and electrical appliances have a home and most importantly each section has a trolley that perfectly fits into the unit so that there are no trolleys parked in odd places in the salon – a simple minimalistic, beautiful design that works perfectly across the whole salon.

The lighting was designed by one of Sally’s clients, who understood the need for both working light and aesthetics. Working in a Grade 2* building, you cannot cover or attach over the aesthetic of the building, so everything was suspended from beautiful black metal work, creating a visual that is both practical and stunning.

“Working with the heritage of the building allows us to keep parts like the floor that was stripped back and restained while retaining the character, and working with natural woods throughout the workstations and other salon areas keeps the feel real.” 

Each zone of the salon has a different name and a different feel, enabling our team and clients to relax in a space that suits the service they are having – the front room is the most simplistic. It is suited to cutting hair as this is the only space in the salon that does not have a colour bar. The front window is a mix of beautiful plants in face planters, which brings the personality of the salon outside. Each pot has a plant hairstyle, and the people walking by always take pictures of the plants and wave to us – I am sure in the next few weeks, they will all have names!

The reception is in the centre of the ground floor of the house, hosting a cozy, relaxed space, which is the hub; clients’ coats are in the closet, and there is a cold water machine when first arriving. It is a calm space with muted tones of grey-white metals, natural woods, and mustard yellow.

Moving to the back of the house is the conservatory with a beautiful feature wall of slatted wood – a bespoke colour bar with a stainless steel worktop, and the natural light from the roof floods the room; the clients love it.

The ground floor is facilitated with refreshments from the basement – where the space has been designed to do just this – the laundry is also in the basement with our bin system in full play throughout the whole salon – the salon space is considered to eliminate everyone rushing up and down the stairs and to ensure the team can just concentrate on the client in front of them.

Moving up the house takes us to one of the two toilets, the pink room – and moving up again brings you to the drawing room. It is a beautiful space with large windows that allow the natural light to filter into the room. It is large and open and hosts seven working stations. This floor is self-contained with three backwashes in the middle, a small waiting area and a utility room. There is no need to leave this floor when you are in there; stylists can send their bills to reception from here to carry on with your next client.

Moving up again, we come to the studio – with a slightly different feel. This space is white and grey – it has a fashionable, relaxed feel to it, full of creative nooks. The team and the clients can delve into the bookshelf and indulge in the books and magazines that are both creative and beautiful. This area has a library space, and the studio has six workstations and two backwashes alongside the utility room, hosting the same as the floor below. 

As we move forward as a business, this space will develop with creative brainstorming and education. As we add our personality and creative vision, this room will open into the world we love of creative energy.


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