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Bio Sculpture Canada launches a new collection by some of the world’s most talented nail technicians and artists.

Five curated, striking and bold shades are blended using industry-leading professional formulas

Each bright and brilliant shade of Evo’s THE Collection is named after its respective curator: 

– Isabel May (@isabelmaysurtees) is a dark, mysterious green shade with a touch of glitter 

– Betina (@betina_goldstein) is a translucent light nude with a hint of peach 

– Michelle H (@nailsbymh) is a lively yellow with a glass-like finish 

– Miss Betty Rose (@missbettyrose) is a light, vibrant green that is sure to make a statement 

– Tania (@bio_sculpture_educationbytania) is a light pink shade with a touch of sparkle 

Visit biosculpturenails.com and/or irisbodyandbeauty.com for brand info.

Instagram:  @evogelcanada